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A New Year Full of Things That Have Never Been

Posted on: March 10, 2014

It has been an amazing year for me so far. I feel so blessed and grateful.  Here are five amazing pieces of news:

Me and Jon

Number one: I got married.  I feel like Jon is the most beautiful human being (inside and out) on the planet.  Warm and caring, sexy and funny, a great friend to all, and a true artist.  I could not have imagined a better person to be my husband.  I feel so lucky.

Cover of BookNumber two: I finally finished my book and am ready to share it with the world.  It’s a memoir about the first twenty-five years of my life.  It was very painful years to write because it’s intensely personal but it is full of things I felt needed to be said.  More news on the exact date.

New "Kelly"

Number three: I got offered a job on The Young and The Restless.  I am SO grateful for this incredible opportunity.  I have always loved the show.  Quality writing, great characters, beautiful production values…what’s not to like?  I am replacing Cynthia Watros who has to leave because she was in a pilot for MTV that got picked up to be a full series.  I feel bad that she will be losing out on the fun of Y&R, but so grateful and lucky that TPTB thought of me.  

KeynoteNumber Four: I got to be the keynote speaker at an AMAZING writer’s conference called Write The Dream, as well as teach my “Dreaming Into Art” class.  I LOVE teaching and helping people develop their creativity.  It is truly one of the great joys of my life.  I was so blessed by the people that joined us in Kansas City.  Their courage and art will always be with me.  A special thanks to Leanna Brunner, who invited me to come to Kansas, and who, through her company Studio Z Publishing, is helping me make my dream of putting my book out into the world come true.

Chris and JulieNumber Five: My short film, “Flip Fantasia,” was accepted into the Macon Film Festival.  It screened in the main theater to a full house that filled the place with laughter.  I am so happy that its two leads, Christopher Gabriel Nunez and Julie Lucas, were able to represent the film at the fest and keep me updated with all the news.  Although not an award winner, it was still a success to me because of the joy it brought to the audience.

You can watch “Flip” on Vimeo for free!  I took it down while it was at the Macon FF so people would come see it in the theater but now it’s back up.  (Warning: very strong language!)

I am so incredibly grateful for these moments in my life this year and for your continued interest and support of my work.  Thank you so much.

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