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A Nose Knows


The nose has it.
The nose has it.

This morning I discovered that quite a few people do a google search on my nose. This totally cracks me up. Why in the heck are some people obsessed with a nose that is not “average?”

My nose has been called everything from a “beak” to “stately,” pretty much right to my face. Trust me, I am aware that my shnoz projects past the usual sniffer. I used to joke when I was a teenager that I had a “Judd Nelson” nose, and could stick a big martini olive inside each nostril without an issue.

The fact is, I have inherited my dad’s nose, which had quite a bulb on the end, and got bigger as he aged. Not exactly something to look forward to, but considering I don’t drink as much as he did, there is a chance I might escape the dreaded honker. Then again, I might not.  What to do, what to do…

Many a time I have looked in the mirror and adjusted my nose with my fingers to see what I would look like with a smaller nose, or at least smaller nostrils. I can see it would make a nice difference, but once you go under the knife… there’s no going back.

Oh yes... I see the resemblance.
Oh yes… I see the resemblance.


Then this happened: a fellow (with a rather large proboscis) who worked in the building I was living in (in NYC)  told me said he remembered watching me in my early days on AMC. He told me he liked my character because I had a big nose, like him. He said seeing me on TV made him feel better about HIS nose.

I mean… how could I get a nose job after that??

My nose seems to make a statement, and whether or not you like that statement… well, that’s up to you.  But I think I get some credit for having never cut off my nose to spite my face. Yes, I would look more like your average pretty lady with smaller nostrils, that’s for certain, but then I wouldn’t look like “me.”

Might as well roll with it and love the big nose!



15 thoughts on “A Nose Knows

  1. Hey I want u to take a good look at my nose on fb the pics of my nose! It is so something like a weird looking something! Jus_tina here I feel foolish a lot to say but not enuff time for I want to read some more! Cabt tell you how much I love you and admire you and love to welcome you in my home everyday! Your true friend forever!
    Tina Ramos fir saying anything about it and it is a very beautiful nos that you have and thank god for you not changing it for you said it is you! I was calked names about eyes nose teeth it gave me a Complex tikk I realized that they were haters and the same goes for you!

  2. Honestly, I have watched you since you 1st appeared on AMC and all I ever thought was “what a beautiful woman”. I never noticed anything unusual about your nose for pity sake. Never change – many love you just the way you are.

  3. I have never noticed it Cady…honestly I didn’t know what you were talking everyone has something I guess but your eyes are so pretty and you have truly been blessed in the looks dept. just saw your picture w/o make up..and you are no aging at all!! Looking for your book to arrive any day now! Can’t wait! Doing a great job as Kelly you are really playing her girl!! Keep doing all the wonderful things and don’t give that nose stuff a second thought some people just look for imperfections..but I bet your real fans never noticed it….

  4. I never thought about your nose or noticed it for that matter until you mentioned it. You seem to have a “normal” nose to me, not “too big” or “too small,” just a nice nose…

  5. I have never noticed any issue with your nose. What I do see is your amazing beautiful transformation s when you change your makeupand hairstyle. Just stunning

  6. Hello Dearest Cady: I , in my own opinion think that your nose is fine and beautiful. You are a beautiful young lady and always be proud of what God gave you. It’s not nice to try and change what God gave us. It is just my opinion based on what I believe in my religion. If God wanted you to have a different nose he would have given it to you before birth. Please stay the way you are now. I love you, for all of you. You have come so far and have done so much. I have faith in you and I would never want to see my star Dixie Martin any different. I am so proud of you Cady and I hope we can be friends and also your fan for life. I hope you and Jon are blessed by God and I hope for your happiness always. Always be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. A true friend would also tell you the same. May the love and grace of God be with you and Jon and all of us today and everyday forevermore. With love, your fan and friend Carle Wells!

  7. Cady, I think your nose and attitude (about life) are beautiful!

    just to share my own experience…I once noticed this man staring at me. when I asked him why he was staring, he said “you’d be fine if you didn’t have a big nose” lol…that guy thought he was so smooth. I told him “I am fine, big nose and all”…like you I embrace who I am.

  8. I have watched you for decades on t.v. and never ONCE did I even have a 2nd thought about your nose & it’s size. What’s the big deal? You are an individual and everything about you is & should be unique.

  9. Bless you Cady, you are GORGEOUS as is. I’ve always felt that people who look distinctive are way more attractive than cookie cutter stepford wives. Truth be told, I never noticed that you nose was anything but dainty.

  10. LOL! Too funny. And I don’t think you need any surgery. I was watching GMA this morning and they had the scene from Louis CK with the “fat girl” rant that resonated with so many women viewers.

    My point… we the American public don’t need everyone on TV to look exactly alike. We need people to look closer to us, feel like us and react like us. Have our wishes and dreams, fears and scares. I know I’m generalizing. And I only WISH I looked like you, but I’m saying actors shouldn’t be looking to banish features that make them unique or only 99.9% perfect. That’s what makes you you. Revel in it.

  11. Some quips I use when people comment on my nose:

    “It’s a terrible hardship. This morning I couldn’t even lift my head off of my pillow!”

    “It can be quite amusing at times. A few minutes ago I accidentally inhaled my chin!”

    “It’s convenient, actually. People use it as an awning when there is a thunderstorm!”

    1. Those are hilarious. I too have a lovely resemblance to my papa- nose and all. I embrace it. Wasn’t always easy. At least, I don’t look like Barbie. 😉

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