Art, Life… and Mom

I firmly believe in “cleaning out one’s closets” both internally and externally. That said, I can’t seem to ever get mine clean ENOUGH. Argh. I’m constantly finding “treasures” that I simply can’t part with… that is, until I force myself to “get real” about what I really “need” (which is generally not so much crap!)

While on a storage unit purge recently, I found a letter from one of my distant relatives, a cousin of my mom’s, written to her. She told my mom what an impressive “creative” she was, detailing how she was talented in drawing, painting, writing, etc. This relative was also an artist in her own right, a collage artist, so I was struck by what a lovely, encouraging compliment this was.

I was also struck by the awareness that I, too, am a multi-tasking creative. I write books and music; write, direct and produce films; make my own collages; and of course, act. I am better at some of these arts than others. Trust me, more than once in my life have I thought, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” But I try to ignore that voice and putter about in whatever art seems to be calling to me at the time. Now I try and focus on the fact that my mom passed on this gift, and that I should treasure it and be grateful.

In the last year of my mom’s life she gave me another gift: a copy of the book “The Artist’s Way.” If you read my book, “Murdering My Youth,” you know my mom had some issues (to put it lightly), but this book made a huge difference for her. I would’ve loved to have seen how it changed her life even more, but sadly her time on earth ran out. Still, I was so grateful for the changes this book made in her that I picked it up myself. Wanting to stay connected to the best in her, I went through the lessons in “The Artist’s Way” not once, not twice, but three times. I still go back to it again and again for reminders of how to negotiate treacherous creative waters; how to re-inspire myself; and how to create a life where I felt safe to create. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

My belief after years of making art of all kinds, is that all arts come from a similar place within us, and all arts are meant to connect us, to make us think as human beings about our experience here on earth. This is why I continue to work, because I love that feeling of taking something from within my imagination or experience and feeling that connection.

My latest short film is all about connection: the loss of it, the fear of it, the desire for it. I don’t know if I have ever worked so hard as I did directing and producing this latest project. Films are not only expensive to produce, but time and labor intensive. They are also a collaboration amongst artists in all kinds of arenas: from the color correction to working with actors, it’s always an experience of talents mingling.

I suppose you could say each project I do is like me taking a bunch of stuff out of my closet, putting it together in a way that tickles me, and then sharing it. First with the other artists I work with, and then with the audience.


It means a lot to me that the artists who accept my invitation to work together have a good experience. I think I can say without reservation that I’ve found a truly amazing and talented crew. But it also means a lot to me that the audience keeps coming back to me to hear what I’ve discovered, to see how I’ve put together something that quite possibly is not just a private moment for me revealed, but a universal experience we all share, and perhaps feel a little embarrassed about.

So thank you for watching my work, and connecting with me. Thank you for joining me on this journey of creative discovery. It means the world and I am so grateful.


4 thoughts on “Art, Life… and Mom

  1. Having read your book I know your relationship with your mother was troubled, so I’m glad you were able to connect with her through this book that has helped you so much. I’m a former AMC/OLTL longtime viewer who switched to Y&R in 2012 and am so glad you’re on it now – and I love your bangs, by the way. Very cute look for you…

  2. I watched it as soon as you posted the are very creative and you inspire me to just be I gotta get that book and read it might be turning me into a reader;)..I can’t tell you how much you help people by being so honest and just putting it out there..I am sure I am not alone in thinking “Gal you are just awesome!!” And thanks again for being a bright light in my day I think Y&R should write Suzy*#@* home maker in for a short time?? Like ya aren’t busy enough, right?

  3. Very thought-provoking, Cady! I need to do more cleaning out too! I will keep your words in mind to help me out! I always enjoy your work, whether it’s a film, your book, or your performances……it’s all extremely exceptional! <3

    All the best to you!
    Love, Franny

  4. You are SO BRAVE and SO STRONG for being inspired by your mom. I am still reading your book, and I have so many thoughts and feelings about her, and what you went through. You are a JACK OF ALL TRADES!!! Don’t ever put yourself down!!! You’ve creatively done – and still are – what so many people would LOVE to do!!! BTW, my mom is HOOKED to The Young And The Restless because of you!!! 🙂 -Amanda 🙂

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