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Behind the Scenes of All My Children

Posted on: May 14, 2013

First off, I can’t thank the fans enough for their consistent support of the show.  It’s an incredibly important moment in soap history, our move from broadcast television to the internet, and it wouldn’t have happened or be continuing to happen without the support of the fans.

It’s hard to describe to you what a day behind the scenes in Pine Valley is like, but I am going to do my best so you guys can hear about all the work and caring that goes into making the show great for you.

First off, our call times are around 7:30 AM.  Those of us who are staying in a nearby hotel for the 5 week shoot are taken in a van at that time (with Mr Peanut and other pups in tow) to the studio, which is only about a ten minute drive away.  Then we have a few minutes to settle in and get coffee before we go to hair and makeup.  I like to wear some eye pads in the morning by SKYN or Kloraine because they not only help firm up my under eye, but they catch the eye makeup when it sometimes falls during application! (I’m not wearing them in this picture, but EVERYBODY on set has started to ask me where I get them, so I thought I’d tell you, too!)

photo 1-1Then we usually have blocking in the morning, which means we meet with the director and the AD’s and PA’s who time each scene and record any changes in dialogue.  It is then we are told where we will move in the set when it comes time for taping.  (Mr Peanut likes to come to blocking and then run around the production room!  Everybody gives him tummy tickles!)

Rosa and Mr P







There is an awesome breakfast set up for the cast and crew every day, which is really a lovely gift, but most of us actors are so busy trying to get ready for our scenes we only have a minute or two to grab a bite.  It’s hard to keep healthy when there are pancakes and bacon around, but I try.  Keeping up my energy is really important when you are working 10-12 hours a day, but I also have to keep in mind I am on camera and have to watch everything I eat (ugh) so I usually do egg whites, fresh vegetable juice, or hard boiled eggs.  I like coffee with cream and sugar, so that’s my naughtiness for the AM unless they have chocolate covered biscotti, and then I’m a goner.

Meanwhile, the set builders and designers have from 6AM to 10AM every day to try and get everything in place for the start of shooting at 10AM.  The stage managers announce over the PA system the first block of scenes about 5-10 minutes before you are supposed to be on set. Time is of the essence, as each minute costs a lot of money to the production!  This means there is usually a lot of STRESS first thing in the morning!

photo 2-1 Once the show gets rolling, however, things get into a groove.  On set there is some joking around, but not much.  We are there to work and must know our lines and blocking so that the cameras can get their shots.  If an actor isn’t in place then the camera will miss the shot and we will have to stop and reshoot, sometimes the whole scene, which sucks because that might have been a great performance for someone!  Nobody wants to be the person that screwed up a good take!

We always have hair and makeup on set for touch ups, but I have started to carry my own little bag of lip gloss and powder around with me because I want to make sure I am always looking my best!  I’m over 40 so somedays are better than others.  I always wake up with puffy eyes and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!  I have tried every eye cream on the market!  Right now I am really liking this Lancome cream with a matching eye concealer.  It’s soothing and has nice coverage, but you do have to keep smoothing it out during the day.  I refuse to powder under my eyes because all that powder gets stuck in the crinkles and THAT’S NOT COOL.

Shoot.  I’ve gotta run because I’ve got a big scene with Cara (Lindsay Hartley) that I still have to memorize butI hope you enjoyed a little peek into our AM at All My Children!

Michael and Mr P



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