Behind the Scenes Videos

I am so thrilled with the “Behind the Scenes” videos that Prospect Park has put together.  What’s crazy is that not everyone has seen them!

So here are some that I just love.  I am THRILLED and so grateful that I am a part of these videos and that my thoughts about the medium were listened to and valued.  After many years on daytime, it’s really an honor to have a voice about what we do.





6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Videos

  1. Just thought I’d stop by and see what was up. AMC was a college thing, a carry over from my old mums obsession with the show. I was seventeen when you came on the show. Hard to say that now, in the 40s *well, you still look young enough to pass for twenty-something) 😉

    I hope to catch up with the new stuff on Hulu soon. Glad Dixie is back.


  2. Thanks for sharing these videos, Cady! Today’s show was so awesome, great acting all around. I’ve been enjoying all the shows, they just keep getting better!

  3. Great videos! It never ceases to amaze me how the actors manage to memorize all those lines! The whole cast and crew really bust their butts to bring us top notch entertainment, and we appreciate it so much!

  4. It looks so exciting Cady! Thanks for sharing,it makes you want to be apart of it!(only if i didn’t live in the stix of North Carolina).I would Love to do something like that when I grow up..I watched AMC for 30+ years and was lost w/o it Thanks for all you have done!!Would love to meet ya and your blog have been so inspiring!I can always log on and watch Suzy and smile,you make such a difference in many lives I am sure…

  5. The show was great today! AJ is a great actor. Loved the banter between Zack and Lea. Kendall who? The previews with Jesse watching Cassandra video looked gut wretching. I never used to watch ABC’s AMC twice a day but I am watching the reboot twice a day! So fast paced with so much happening. I am so thrilled that it is back!!!!!

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