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Artist’s Rights

Art Inspiration Writing

January 28, 2014, Posted by:

Being an artist isn’t always easy. For one thing, people tend to assume they know your true identity based on your work (as if you were trying to hide it from them!) It’s an easy…

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Flip Fantasia and Why I Can Make a Movie

Art Beauty Inspiration Movies and TV

July 2, 2013, Posted by:

Well that was just about the most exciting week of my life.  I just finished producing and directing my first short film, called “Flip Fantasia.”  It’s about four guys and a dead girl, about love…

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The Big Pink

Art Inspiration

February 28, 2012, Posted by:

Graffiti isn’t for everyone, but it is.  Whether I like it or not, whether I want it or not, it is right there in my face.  Staring me down.  Daring me to react.  It is…