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Audience Award at SOHO!

Art Film Inspiration Life Lessons Movies and TV Women

June 24, 2017, Posted by: Cady McClain

So much has been going on so I apologize for not being more prolific in my blog posts! The doc I have been slaving over day and night premiered it’s short version in April at…

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Handling Oppression

Inspiration Life Lessons Women

October 3, 2016, Posted by:

Some of you have followed me for a long time, so you know my story and how I came out of a pretty wild childhood. For those of you who don’t, you can check out…

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How to Be a Spiritual Warrior

Inspiration Life Lessons

July 14, 2014, Posted by:

A lady friend of mine asked me recently how I felt about personal responses to my book. “Do you get triggered?” She asked politely. We were at a dinner party and I could tell she was…

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Roles in an Alcoholic Family

Inspiration Life Lessons self improvement

June 2, 2014, Posted by:

I grew up in an alcoholic family system.  The illness in my family effected all who were in it, or around it.  It took me years to recover.  To this day, my recovery is a…

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“Murdering My Youth” and Y&R

Best of the Internet Daytime Drama Inspiration Life Lessons Writing

April 15, 2014, Posted by:

You might not believe it, but it’s a totally BIZARRE coincidence that I am both releasing my book, “Murdering My Youth,” publicly, and having my first air day on Y&R TOMORROW, April 16th. I assure…

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My Book: “Murdering My Youth”

Best of the Internet Inspiration Life Lessons Writing

April 8, 2014, Posted by:

I just had the honor of being interviewed by Michael Logan for TV Guide. Look for his article in the April 21st issue! In the article you will find out that my book, Murdering My…

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What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Inspiration Life Lessons

February 4, 2013, Posted by:

Not only am I a huge fan of this song, this video that the Seattle Children’s Hospital made takes it to a whole other level. It’s so moving I thought I would share it with…

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Moving Sucks Big Moose Balls

Life Lessons

August 1, 2012, Posted by:

I am moving.  After living in New York City for twenty-five years, I am moving.  Where to, I don’t want to say just yet, just that in the last two or three weeks my world…

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Endometriosis: An Ignored Female Epidemic

Inspiration Life Lessons

June 19, 2012, Posted by:

Endometriosis.  It’s a long word for what is in short, a painful and mysterious disease.  No one knows what causes it, but approximately 6 MILLION women in the United States alone suffer from it. “We…

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Suzy Fucking Homemaker Shares 10 Tips for a House Party

Life Lessons self improvement

May 27, 2012, Posted by:

 SFH (abbreviation) Suzie Fucking Housewife A homemaker who is proficient at chauffeuring children to and from activities, baking cookies and giving blowjobs.  “Who the hell does he think I am? SFH? I have a PhD…

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