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Better Choices + Time = New Life

Inspiration self improvement

August 5, 2014, Posted by:

One question I have been asked often recently is this: “After years of childhood misery and years of unhappy, unsuccessful adult relationships, how did you manage to change it all and ALSO find a great…

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Paste Magazine Interview

Daytime Drama Movies and TV self improvement Social/Political Observations

June 21, 2014, Posted by:

Cady McClain’s memoir arrives at a hugely significant time for women. Just a few weeks ago the social media movement #YesAllWomen launched as a response to the massacre in Isla Vista, California. While it’s difficult…

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Roles in an Alcoholic Family

Inspiration Life Lessons self improvement

June 2, 2014, Posted by:

I grew up in an alcoholic family system.  The illness in my family effected all who were in it, or around it.  It took me years to recover.  To this day, my recovery is a…

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A Nose Knows

Beauty Inspiration self improvement

May 14, 2014, Posted by:

  This morning I discovered that quite a few people do a google search on my nose. This totally cracks me up. Why in the heck are some people obsessed with a nose that is…

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Hey I’m in the Huffington Post!

self improvement

April 11, 2013, Posted by:

Thanks to the lovely writer (and soap fan) Mark Rosenberg, my thoughts on the new All My Children, and the story that led up to this amazing moment in time, are chronicled in the au-courant…

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Beauty Cares

Inspiration self improvement Women

March 5, 2013, Posted by:

Recently I was asked to decorate a “wife beater” t-shirt by my friend, artist Susan Woldman, for a charity called “Beauty Cares.” The purpose of the group is to help raise awareness of women who…

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Too Faced The Secret To No Makeup Makeup: Shop Combination Sets | Sephora

self improvement

January 30, 2013, Posted by:

  We may get a little rough around the edges from lack of sleep or too much partying.  This stuff is just the ticket to “faking it until you make it!” Too Faced The Secret…

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The Joys of Aging

Inspiration self improvement Social/Political Observations Women

August 25, 2012, Posted by:

There are a lot of people who are not happy with the fact that we age.  Entire industries and advertising campaigns are built around this feeling of worthlessness, focusing primarily on both functions and appearances…

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Mental Shifts

self improvement

August 2, 2012, Posted by:

I am thinking a lot about the past and the future these days.  Looking at old ways of thinking and considering implementing new ones.  I awoke to an email from this guy who does a…

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Welcome to the World, It’s Trying to Kill You

Inspiration self improvement

June 27, 2012, Posted by:

Endometriosis is indeed a mysterious disease.  Since they can’t see it on any kind of x-ray or sonogram, the only way you know if it’s getting worse or better is the amount of pain you…

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