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Shopping and Fashion

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How to Survive the Holi-daze

Holidays Shopping and Fashion

December 5, 2013, Posted by:

Yep, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again… almost as fun as paying your taxes.  Wait, you LIKE Christmas?  Well heck, maybe there is something to this!  Maybe there are ways to not…

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Fun at the 2013 Daytime Emmys

Beauty Daytime Drama Shopping and Fashion

June 17, 2013, Posted by:

Well first I had to get dressed and all dolled up, which is always nerve racking, but luckily I had the help of Genevieve Garner who did this beautiful up do and my makeup! Special…

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Shopping and Fashion

February 6, 2013, Posted by:

A beautiful dress for Valentines Day!

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Super Cute Daytime Outfit for Kicking Around

Inspiration Shopping and Fashion

February 1, 2013, Posted by:

  Sem título #201 by juliemoraes featuring h&m jeans Black top H&m jeans $32 – Blue shoes

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