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Posted on: April 9, 2011

I’d like to start sharing with you some of my favorite quotes. These are little sayings that I have been carrying around for years, taping on my wall or closet door or bathroom mirror where ever I am currently living, and reading over and over again to try to remind myself of their truths. Truths that are usually in opposition to whatever my head is saying to me that day.

Here is today’s saying. I have no idea who this quote is attributed to. Like I said, I got it as a handout and have been carrying it around ever since. I googled it, but still… no author.

I like it because it reminds me that my fear is no different than most people’s fear, and that thought gives me a boost of courage. Because if I am no different, if what I feel is “normal” then to reach my goals, all I have to do is try to break out a tiny bit, one tiny step at a time.

“The foremost need for most people is to be emotionally comfortable.

And they will suffer the most painful existence…

the basest indignities…

and the complete absence of happiness…

to escape the anxiety of change.”

I ask myself, “Am I suffering indignities that I don’t really have to suffer? Am I suffering a painful existence that I can stop simply by choosing otherwise?”

I have said “yes” to these questions many times. What can I say, fear is a pisser.

However, having courage is just like all things that take practice. We have to start somewhere, and today it is with just a little reminder that everybody feels this way sometimes. It is a reminder that it pays off to be brave and learn to manage my discomfort, or as my accountant once said (and this is another quote):

“Learn to groove your nausea!”

That’s how we grow. We want to vomit, but we do the scary thing anyway.

But do it in baby steps! As my mother would have said:

“Rome wasn’t build in a day!”

And remember:

“If common sense were common, then everybody would have it.”

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