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Acting Representation (SouthEast only): Kenneth del Corral

Publicity: Lisa Jey Davis

Fan mail: Mary Ann Wortendyke

PO Box 515, Nyack, NY 10960

All other inquires:


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. avatarSam Phillips

    Hi Cady I saw your book cover design contest on 99designs. All the options look great by the way. However since your breaking into the book industry, you should definitely check out this great new site for reading and buying books. You can sign up on and then download the app from the apple or google play store to read on almost any mobile device. Also if you have other questions about getting your book onto the site, check out for additional info. Im sure it will be most beneficial to you and your publisher. Thanks

  2. avatarCarle Wells

    Hello Dearest Cady: I hope your fine and well. I am just fine myself. I would like to wish you Happy Holidays! I hope your days are filled with love, peace and joy. I miss seeing you on AMC. I wish someone had the money and guts to get All My Children and One Life To Live back on ABC. If I had the money and know how I sure as hell would. So many fans are upset at what has taken place. If you would call me collect to wish me Happy Holidays, I would love that. My number is 1-603-521-8277. I miss you sweet voice and your wonderful talent. If I wrote to you at Cady could I get an autographed picture of you and Tad together? Thanks for all you do and may God bless you always. You fan and friend always with love, Carle Wells!


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