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Update:  After receiving an Emmy nomination for “Venice the Series,” Cady recently completed “The Missing Piece,” a short narrative film for Kids in the Spotlight and will be shooting “Butterflies” a short film by Carlotta Summers in May 2017.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

Cady’s series of short films on women and the directing profession is premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival in April of 2017. It is a recipient of the Awesome Without Borders grant and was chosen as “Project of the Day” by IndieWire.


“Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” is a documentary series about women directors. Cady says, “The film is a conversational piece that will hopefully shed some light on the ridiculousness of bias, and inspire everyone who feels as if their road is just a little bit harder to keep on fighting to create what they feel is important to themselves and to the world.” – Cady McClain

The World of Albert Fuh

Cady’s second short film is the story of a man who falls in love with a balloon. In 2015 “The World of Albert Fuh,” won Best Comedy Drama Short at the Indie Gathering Festival, was accepted into the SOHO International Film Fest, the LA Indie Film Fest, awarded an Honorable Mention for “Best Director” by the Los Angeles Film Review, an “Honorable Mention” from the SAMO Indie Fest, and received an Award of Merit by the Best Shorts Film Festival.

“This film is about loneliness and one man’s creative attempt to bridge the growing gap between himself and the world. New Yorkers seem to see themselves in Albert Fuh and I’m so grateful. The roars of laughter from the SOHO audience was incredibly rewarding.” – Cady McClain


Flip Fantasia

Her first short film, “Flip Fantasia,” enjoyed acceptance into the Macon Film Festival in 2014 and gained a remarkable FB cult following of over 20K in the states and over 80K in Peru (!!) it is a surreal and comic journey about a young man and his inability to let go of his dead girlfriend.  As Cady puts it,

“It’s kind of a combination of influences, practices, and my life experiences. It’s surreal and spiritual. It’s full of color and pain. It’s everything I love and a lot of what I know about life, all wrapped up in one tiny little bundle. The audiences at the Macon Film Festival laughed and applauded loudly. It meant so much to me to have it so well received for a first film. ”  – Cady McClain

SuzyF*cking Homemaker

Cady also enjoys making videos as her original online character “Suzy F*cking Homemaker,” which was picked up by Prospect Park for additional promotion of it’s online distribution of “All My Children” in 2013. Suzy lives in Hollywood and has a bit of a drinking issue but other than that she is “super funny.”

              “Doing Suzy is like channeling an ancestor.  I don’t plan what she wants to say, I just try and get out of the way and let her say it.” -Cady McClain

Venice the Series

Cady directed 9 out of 13 days of Season 5 of Venice the Series, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Drama Series for directing.

           “They give me the script and I try to bring it to life and shoot it in a way that is beautiful, make the actors look great and make the story as intriguing as it can be with pictures.” -Cady McClain