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Yeah. So. I’m doing a doc on women directors. Why? Well… it’s kind of a long story. The basic skinny is that it occurred to me that every once in a while I would hear about a woman director, and I’d sort of “pine” for her. Like when you hear there’s a new Jimmy Choo shoe coming out that you know you can’t afford but you’d really like to see all the same. Do you dare to look or will it make the pain of not having even worse? I know it’s sorted of effed up to compare a woman to a Jimmy Choo shoe (or is it?) but that’s how I felt. Like there were these women out there who had created something and I knew I should be closer to what they were creating… but it just kind of HURT to even think about it.

Funny thing about pain… it’s always the great motivator.

So the pain got bad enough, or the desire to be out of pain got big enough… and someone actually said, “OH MY GOD THAT’S A GREAT IDEA YOU SHOULD DO THAT” in such a way and at such a time that I said to myself… “Well, shit. I guess I should do this.”

So what happened is, my husband knew this one woman who he thought I should talk to. She’s a director named Shana Betz. We had had dinner with her a few months back and I really dug her, like a mini, unexpressed girl crush kind of dig. She was a bad ass. My husband said she might be a cool person to start talking to, so since we were already friends on FB I screwed up my courage and messaged her.

Here’s exactly what it looked like. For real.

Say What?


I seriously couldn’t believe this. Almost fell out of my chair.

(Isn’t it funny how all you have to do sometimes is say “YES” to a deep idea, and th universe is right there, waiting for you?)




More "What the..."


Okay, so I said YES in a really, um, BIG way.

(Forgive me if it offends.)





I thought this was totally hilarious.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.45.12 AM




And that’s how it began… the journey has continued and I have so much more to share and to say… I’ve learned and grown so much in these past few months… but meanwhile, please join me on the FB page for this film:





6 thoughts on “Documentary

  1. Go for it. I believe that women can do a lot of jobs that were never opened to them before. Good luck with your endeavor.

  2. Hello Cady I have read your post, and have a few comments. One congratulations on being able to be so honest with sharing your private emails. 2nd did you know that you are just as important as the next person, so to be honored that someone else wished for your input should be understood by you as someone who is as passionate as you and respects you equally to go forward with setting the record straight. I say this in regards to all subjects you raise and go forward with. We are all from all experiences in our lives. We base our opinions on what we are familiar with and what we are going through or have experienced on a personal level You have a voice that you have worked hard on to be heard,and are able to go forward without fear. You have a great deal of supporters, including me, and you are voicing what we are all thinking or going through. So yes, as you said Holy f Shit yes. You Go girl, go forward and be the voice for so many. J.

  3. How exciting for you and how awesome that she is doing a film on Women in the directing field! You guys do not get the recognition you deserve and that is a fact! Good luck and I cannot wait to see it!

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