Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright Now

It’s been about a week since I finished the All My Children five week taping session and I have all they symptoms of stress to prove it!  Anxiety, moments of depression, upset stomach, trouble sleeping, the list goes on… But there is a silver lining to every cloud and, as is my tendency, I am here to share it.

First off, AMC is like a family to me and that’s no joke.  I started on the show when I was 19 and spent some of my toughest years (eight years of my mother’s illness and death) with many of the same cast members and production crew that I work with now.  These people have been there for me and I have been there for them.  They came to her memorial service, I went to their wedding.  They talked me through bad breakups, I held their hand through their nervous breakdown.  When I got fired in 2006, I went through a depression that I couldn’t understand.  I still knew all these same people, I just wasn’t working with them anymore.  So why was I so blue?

Then AMC started hiring me back for little bits and pieces.  I was so sure that they would realize that I was the family member that wanted to come home and it was only a matter of time but it didn’t happen. Instead they hired me back as an angel.  I mean, how much more dead can you be on a soap?

Finally, in 2011 they asked me back for a full time contract and well, you know the story.  The soap got cancelled!  It was a crazy ride, but you know what the main theme is in all this, at least for me?

I have never said “no” to All My Children.  I have said, “I need a rest,” but never “No.”

I have never said no because deep down, I love this show, and all the people on it.  It is as deep in my bones as I think it is in many of the fans who have been watching far longer than I have been related to it, which at 25 years is saying something.  For those of you and, as I hope you can now understand, for me, AMC is a part of us.  I know, it’s just a TV show, but it’s also something that got some of us through rough times in life and those relationships are precious, no matter how they come about or how you are related.

So I can understand that when Prospect Park brought the show back after ABC basically ripped the guts out of it, there was a lot of suspicion about whether or not it would still be the show so many of us remembered as “home.”  Lets call this “Attack Phase One.”  During this time fans expressed concern that 1) their favorite characters were missing, 2) they couldn’t figure out where to watch the show, and 3) they didn’t like news it would be more raunchy.

The issue of it being on the Internet was almost an entire phase in itself.  Let’s call this “Attack Phase Two.”  During this time people expressed concern that it 1) couldn’t be found in other countries, especially Canada, 2) wasn’t free (even though it IS on Hulu.com, and 3) they were losing the time based ritual of watching the show at 1PM.

It’s important to note that all of my online discourse was around these issues.  The facts I stated again and again were these:

1) There are 17 core veteran characters back on the show, and the young people who are new are all related.  New generations keep the show and Agnes’ legacy alive, which is how the show will stay on the air for 41 more years!  A GOOD thing!

2) The show is available for FREE on Hulu.com.  There are advertisements, but you can watch it ANYTIME, even at your regular 1PM time if you want, because it is online, not on cable.  If you use Hulu+ you can watch it on a tablet or smart phone for a monthly fee, along with many other TV shows.

3) There would be a new show Monday-Thursday for both AMC and OLTL and the MORE show on Friday.  If you couldn’t watch every day, you could watch 4-8 shows on the weekend.  They made a deal with the cable company FX Canada based on this 5 day a week programming to help the Canadian fans get access to the shows since Hulu wasn’t available to Canadians yet.

Everything seemed to be going along nicely.  In the two weeks that AMC and OLTL aired, we premiered at number ONE on Hulu and stayed in the top FIVE for all series over the three week period.  It was a great moment.  Even though it took everyone a few moments to find the shows and get used to watching them on the internet, once they did they jumped at the chance to watch.  There was only one problem.  Many people were missing shows.  They just didn’t have the TIME to watch every single episode.

This included myself.  How could I?  I was working five days a week and by Saturday was so tired I spent the entire day in bed just emotionally and physically recovering.  Sunday I could watch about two shows, but then I needed to get up and get out into the day, pay my bills, see a friend, watch my clothes … you know … life.  It turns out my viewing patterns were far more the norm for the average AMC viewer. There were simply TOO MANY SHOWS TO WATCH.  I couldn’t even add on OLTL … and I WANTED TO!  I know a lot of people there as well and want to support it as much as possible… I JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE TIME.

Now I understand for some people, too much of a good thing is never enough.  I get it.  But the FACT IS, there are a lot of people who are passionate about the show who STILL were not able to watch ALL the shows, as well as a lot of NEW fans who couldn’t catch up and WANTED TO.

So Prospect Park decided to make a change.  Because we are in our infancy as an Internet series, this change was something that was within their power to make.  Although they had set a pattern, it hadn’t been set in stone yet.  So they decided to show both series twice a week, giving us FOUR shows a week (2 AMC, 2 OTLT) for us to watch instead of EIGHT.  It seemed like a really smart move.  Let’s call this “Attack Phase 3.”

Oh yes, this was a fun one.  I have to say my stomach dropped when I heard the news about the programming change.  NOT because I thought it was a bad idea, NOT AT ALL.  Because I knew that the people I LOVED to talk to on the Internet were going to have the same physical reaction I was….

Based on our shared history of our beloved show being sent down the tubes, radical changes mean LOSS.  Loss feels like shit, let’s just cut to the chase.  When someone “pulls the rug out” or does a “bait and switch” you feel a natural, physical, “punch to the gut” kind of feeling.  I KNOW.  I HAD IT TOO.  But it is a reaction based on the PAST, not on the facts of the present.

In my past, I was fired.  Then I was forgotten.  At various times I have been loved and then treated like shit.  I still have a wincing reaction when any news about the show comes out, like someone is about to punch my grandmother.  But that is not happening.  No one is punching Grandma.

The fact is: NOTHING IS WRONG.  Let me say it again.  THE SHOW IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

I have called Ginger Smith and talked to her.  ALL of us actors have.  Jeff K. has written to me, to the press, to many of us and assured us that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT.  In fact, this change of FOUR shows a week is benefitting the production so much that it is making it possible for them to pay more attention to details that are going to end up in creating better shows.  Better shows mean better story lines, more favorite characters, better budget, better sets, better everything.


The one down side I know is that FX Canada couldn’t use the new two show a week programming as it didn’t work for them.  The up side of that down is that both shows are now available on Canadian iTunes, so they are still accessible, just not on cable.  It sucks, but it’s still available, and AVAILABLE is what matters, no?

So if you follow my emotional through line, I think we ALL felt like we were about to be suckered in: that the show begged us to come back, then we did, then they fired us or dumped us or kicked us or took advantage of us in some way BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING.  REALLY.

I spoke to someone at PP who told me she CRIED when she watched last Monday’s show.  That’s how much they are devoted and dedicated and attached to the same show that you, the viewer, are.  Isn’t that lovely to know?

I understand the gut reaction, I really do.  I have had the same kind of “WTF Is going on?” reaction until it was explained to me and it HAD to be explained to me several times until it finally sank in.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS:  YOU CARE.  I CARE.  PP and AMC and OLTL CARES.  WE ALL CARE and that is a BEAUTIFUL THING.  THE SHOWS are NOT going off the Internet because PP is making changes to KEEP them on in the most productive way possible to YOU the viewer.  Caring means we aren’t dead, and not being dead means we can do something about the things that make us feel good and the things that really matter.

What matters?  LOVE.  Love is what matters most of all.  So let’s love each other through this.  Let’s all try to be a little kinder when changes come our way.  You’re good people.  I am not a terrible asshole (I think, I hope.)  I try my best to keep connected with all of you because I believe in the power of the Internet to connect people in ways that matter, that can make a difference.  I believe that sharing beauty and love through this crazy little machine can make the world a better place.

Listen: if you have called me a liar, an asshole, or told me I’m full of shit…. I FORGIVE YOU.  You were mad.  I get it.  But maybe we can move on from here and not go back to that dark, angry place again.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Maybe we can all just take a breath and believe in each other, and in what the people who are behind AMC and OLTL are trying to do… bring us beautiful little gems that we can co-create together.

I know you can do it.  I know we can do it.

I’m no guru, I’m just a person, a human being who happens to be an actor on a TV show who loves and believes in people.  Let’s do our best and celebrate how nice it is to be brought together by these crazy little shows.

Thanks for listening…. if I missed a salient point, I apologize.  I need to go outside now.  Hope you have a great day.




90 thoughts on “Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright Now

  1. Cady,
    You were never forgotten. In fact, I think of your kindness every day. You shall never know how much it meant to me that you responded once you learned of my cancer. You are the best to your fans and just a great woman. I am proud to say that I have met you and can speak of your grace and kindness first hand. YOU ARE THE BEST.

  2. Cady!
    I think you have (over)written a great letter to the fans. I posted this the other day on Vince Irizarry’s Facebook page: shouldn’t the actors be focusing on performance and leaving Prospect Park to defend its business decisions? In the ‘old days,’ the performers did not have to worry about such things. I know that the reboots are in their infancy online, I do get that, and nothin’ is set in stone yet– but viewers do establish viewing patterns and any disruption, even early on, can be seen as detrimental. Thus, it is RIGHT for people to have that gut reaction to change, especially if it’s a change that may defy logic. A previous poster was correct in saying that fans who were loyal to the genre never had trouble keeping up with five shows a week. I remember in the 80s when I was in high school and I would spend the summers watching four or five shows simultaneously, five times a week. I would use our then-brand new VCR to store episodes that I might not get to until Saturday or Sunday, but the point is that I always found time to watch them all, all the time. How can folks fall behind now with just four (and now two) episodes per week. I really think the reason some of the viewership declined after the big start was because in this case, some people could not get used to a show without Erica, Tad, Kendall and Ryan. Also, the newbies had a lot of screen time and it was an adjustment– and let’s be frank, some folks tuned out after seeing how much cussing and sexual-based content was being presented (perhaps too little for some who wanted more, more, more). I think with anything there is a balance. There is a balance in finding the right number of episodes per week online and a balance in how the stories are crafted, performed and digested by fans. Right? By the way, I never knew there was a time when you felt kicked , down and out — it’s a tough business, I suppose?– but I watched you ping pong from AMC to ATWT and back and forth again. For the record, I thought your work as Rosanna was always very good, and the best episode was the Doll House one filmed for Christmas one year. That was quality daytime programming, and I hope the new online reboots can match or exceed that. Good luck!

    1. Well from the perspective of the 1980’s, yes I can see that the change to the Internet and then to 2 days a week and not 5, and seeing actors talking about the shows decisions, etc. etc. would seem very odd. However, the Internet is very, very different than television. People’s viewing habits have changed radically. The Internet is also a much more interactive medium, for one thing. Lastly, AMC and OLTL want the actors to be participating with the fans online. They ask us to communicate with you our thoughts and feelings about the show. It is part and parcel of the experience of the show now: the actors now are expected to write on Twitter, put up pix on Instagram, and communicate through Facebook. We are also involved in making videos behind the scenes. I have been blogging and V-logging for years already so it’s not exactly new for me. I do it because I think it’s really creative and have always loved online interaction with fans and other people. It makes for very interesting conversation.

      So glad you are enjoying the show!

      1. I have Aspergers syndrome……… It’s tough not being able to connect to folks like “normal” people do….. But I am grateful because I’ve noticed improvements in my overall ability to communicate with expression….. I guess what I’m trying to get thru to you is that interacting with you has brought me real pleasure.

      2. I guess it took me five days to see you had replied and now I am replying. I am glad the actors are interacting more with fans using internet technology. I certainly appreciate it. What I do like about this new reboot/version of AMC is that the sets seem cozier, the whole experience is a bit more intimate. When Soap Classics was selling DVDs of Guiding Light and As the World Turns not long ago, especially with the Guiding Light episodes from the 1970s, everything was much simpler and intimate. Soaps did not have such bloated/inflated budgets and I think the characters and their (melodramatic) situations more accessible to viewers. I think the online version of a continuing soap opera brings viewers back to that intimacy, that immediacy if you will. Am I making sense? So I really am grateful the two shows have been re-presented in this new format.

  3. What ever happened to Greenlee.? I miss her so from AMC. I have watched the show from the beginning and cannot remember what happened. I think I remember her driving in a car trying to warn Bianca that her future wife had cheated on her, and then there was an accident and did she crash into another car and fall into the same river Leo fell into. Is she dead? I hope not. She was so adorable.

    1. Thanx Cady for taking the time to talk to the fans like this, I truly appreciate it. I wasn’t happy with the episode cut back as I was keeping up just fine, however I discovered that my mom who has watched BOTH AMC & OLTL since the very first episode was having a hard time keeping up. She turned 70 in Sepember and is not as internet savy as I am, so the change has been good for her as she is now all caught up.

      I am thankful for PP & all involved in gettng these shows back into production, been watching for years and I look forward to watching for many more years, you’ll ALWAYS have my support!!

  4. I’m sorry but this is nonsense. Every single actor for both shows is saying the same thing. Can’t keep up ? BS I easily kept up. I am sure a ton of loyal fans did. Those who couldn’t keep up are just not soap fans and thats the truth. We did 10 hours a week on ABC no problem but now we can’t keep up at about 1 hr and 48 min a week? Sorry not buying it.
    If these shows are still on at the end of 2014 I will be stunned.

    I hope they are but this is not a good sign.
    Prospect Park should be concerned about the core fan not the fairweather fans.

    1. You know, the Internet has all these kinds of tracking abilities, like with websites of all kinds: how many people watch, where they are referred from, how long they watch, what else they might click on afterwords, etc. etc. They actually can track how many shows are watched and whether its by a new person or someone who is watching more than once. Other than realizing people were skipping shows, not watching on certain dates or times or binge watching (but not all the shows) a LOT of people were writing in to tell PP they didn’t understand various important plot points and relationships. Sometimes this happens with new viewers, which is actually a great problem to have. For a medium that everyone said was dying, to suddenly have a whole new section of their audience is a great thing. We need to embrace all of the audience.
      For goodness sake, I’m ON the show and I couldn’t keep up watching four shows a week. I couldn’t even binge watch all four. It’s wonderful if you did watch every show, but you have to understand that not every person who wants AMC on the air is able to do so because of whatever else they have going on in their lives. The big issue is this: if we don’t get good ratings for every single show, then the show won’t be able to stay on the “air” so to speak. All interested viewers have to watch EVERY show, and there are a lot of interested viewers, not just the hard core fans. There are no “throw away” or “random” shows OR throw away or random viewers. Every single one is important.
      No one is trying to insult anyone’s intelligence. These are the facts.
      Lastly, if you read the whole blog, you will see my compassion for the folks who went through the ABC debacle. It’s totally understandable to be wary, because you’ve been put through the mill before. I’m not asking for everyone to come together with a big “kum-bi-ya” moment, but the insanity on the Internet is really a bit much. We are literally driving ourselves into the ground, working 18 hour days or more to make GREAT, NEW shows for ALL the viewers. There are major efforts of time and money and caring going into this venture. It’s not some big money guys goofing around with your show. Jeff and Rich are in the control room, in the office, in the writers meetings, in with both feet and major financial investments. This show is really important to them. It’s important to me. It’s important to Ginger and Agnes. We ALL take it very, very seriously. I understand how and why you feel the way you do, so I want to assure you, this is no random game for anyone.
      We want to make GREAT shows and we want EVERYONE who watches soaps to see them. We can’t afford for anyone, not the long time viewer, the casual viewer, or the new viewer to miss one show.
      Perhaps in time things will change as the audience grows, but for now, this is the most effective way for everyone who WANTS to watch (including new viewers who have a lot of history to catch up on) to do so. It’s not meant as an insult to long time, passionate viewers. Not in the least. We all love you, but the show and the audience has to keep growing. That’s the bottom line. And right now we are in the process of doing just that. So lets celebrate that! The show is back on and growing. It’s a new beginning!

  5. I appreciate all you’ve done for the show Cady but can you really blame alot of us for being mistrustful of PP given how they acted first go around “trying” to get these shows off the ground.They threw poor LaLucci under the bus that time.

    Also soap fans are still wary given the treatment we got from ABC

    NOW viewers are being blamed cause apparantly we’re too stupid to be able to keep up with 2 hours a week of a soap yet people can keep up with an hour soap 5 days a week on network tv

    Go to any soap board or FB page for the soaps and people are wanting MORE not LESS of their soaps but yet according to PP people can’t keep up lol. I’d like to know where they got that supposed info from.

    I think PP has done these shows good so far but I’ll be honest I will never completely trust them

    1. First of all, no one is blaming you for being wary. You went through a lot with ABC and then it was a long process getting this Internet version up and running. I don’t think Lucci was thrown under the bus, at least not as as far as I know. They’ve said she’s welcome, she said she will try and come but what’s in the middle is none of my business.
      Secondly, no one is saying you’re too stupid to keep up. That’s not the case AT ALL. There are a LOT of new viewers who don’t know the characters and want to, and a lot of busy people who don’t have the time to watch all the shows they would like to in a given week.
      I’m ON the show and I couldn’t keep up. The stories were moving fast, and four shows was a lot for me to watch on the weekend. So if I, who has a major vested interest in this show being successful, couldn’t keep up, I think it’s fair to say there are plenty of others who felt the same. It has nothing to do with not being smart enough to “get” it, it’s about time and energy.
      Lastly, I hope you know how much your commitment and enthusiasm is appreciated. We are all working so hard to make a show you will be proud to be a part of. Thank you for your caring, and for being a loyal viewer! We couldn’t do what we do without you.

      1. Cady,

        If I can dovetail on your point a bit, it’s incredibly easy to fall behind-I did last week due to work responsibilities, etc-just as it was on ABC. The difference here is that YOU HAVE the ability to catch up. All PP is doing, IMO, is making it easier to catch up if you miss anything. I’d still LOVE AMC 4 times a week, but we have to show that we are up to the task to keep up. But, life happens, be happy that AMC is back, and will be back in production in August. We are still making history here-don’t sweat the small stuff.

  6. A short and sweet comment to a terrific actress….

    Fear not, Cady…the core fans (such as myself, who have been watching the show long before your wonderful character of Dixie was even introduced) are thrilled beyond belief, not only that AMC has been resurrected from a premature demise, but that the “revamp” is beyond great! To have the show back in production, let alone to have the character of Dixie along with other compelling characters front and center with gripping storylines, is beyond amazing. Thank YOU for not only showing your dedication with regards to being a part of this wonderful show, but also for bringing back your unquestionable acting chops!!! I have always had a soft spot for Dixie, and have admired you, the actress, for your abilities.

    Do NOT let the naysayers pull you down….you, and everyone else associated with the “revamp” of the riveting series, are soooooo much appreciated!!!! May you enjoy many more years and years of success.

    1. Thanks so much Zandra! I am thrilled with what the show is doing and I have a strong feeling we will be on for years to come. I sure know that TPTB are doing everything in their power to make that happen. I really and truly appreciate your support!

  7. Lauren, you are right. Cady was not forgotten. Poison pancakes, indeed! I have been a viewer since the show began. I am thrilled that it is back! So glad I found this blog!

  8. I believe you, Cady. I was really upset for the first day because 1. I’d JUST GOTTEN my show back literally two weeks before, 2. The bad taste ABC left in my mouth with their incomprehensible decisions (who the heck would fire you????) and mistrust of Powers That Be in general, 3. THE SHOW IS SO EXCELLENT HOW CAN I LIVE WITH LESS OF IT?

    The silver lining here? The show is honestly so good right now, people are actually pissed off there’s less of it. If everyone went “okay, whatever”, I think you’d have to worry. I got used to it pretty quickly — although the Wednesday to Monday wait is like torture.

    BUT, I keep reminding myself that it’s very obvious from Day One that PP honestly respects the fans, the history of AMC (I mean, bringing Billy Clyde back? AHAHAH. Oh my!) and the actors are looking gorgeous and engaged — because yes, there have been times when you could *feel* the sorrow/disillusionment of the cast during certain bad times during ABC’s mess.

    The writing is kind of genius, they know exactly how much to dangle as a tempting thought: Miranda doesn’t know about her conception? GASP! JR is faking … maybe! Doctor Devil is sloooowly seducing his minions and is he hot for ANGIE???? *GASP!* — I mean, only if you loved AMC and understood its heart would you be able to effectively write these subtle — and wonderfully soapy — scenarios. And the Cassandra storyline is more dramatic, heart-wrenching and painful than anything that’s been on AMC in maybe a decade or so. When the last time you had trouble watching a storyline because it’s *that* hardcore? Not in a long time.

    I think the PP press release was somewhat clunky and viewer-blaming and a wee bit tonedeaf to the terror of the fans that ‘this is too good to be true’ and ‘I knew they were just messing with us like ABC!’ … maybe next time they’ll pull out the kid gloves and realize that we love AMC soooo much, like little kids with a favorite teddy we need to know that it’s not going anywhere, just being adjusted.

    Of course, YOU understand, as I can see from this blog post. Which makes you One Of Us and you *know* how much we respect and love you — and Dixie.

    PS: How did you get more gorgeous? Do you have a painting in the basement ala Dorian Gray or something? 😀

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I think you are totally on point and I can tell you really get the stories and why they are both true to the history of AMC as well as boundary pushing!

      Thanks for your kind words… I am still so excited about this new format and what we can do now. It’s like having had a cop at your back for years and suddenly you are free to wander the world. Sometimes you are going to bump into a few walls, but overall you are liberated!

      As for the painting…. well…. more on that in another blog! Good genes plus a lot of effort… But thank you!!

    2. Yes there is definitely a learning curve but the great news is that TPTB are trying to learn and make this show as great as it ever was. The passion behind it is really incredible. Honestly, after our 5 weeks shoot the entire cast was completely exhausted! But all that matters is that you SEE the effort in the shows that are on air. That is the main goal!

  9. Cady, they should entrust all AMC-related publicity to your very capable hands. You said a mouthful, but what you said is meaningful, heartfelt and very believable. Thank you for taking time in between shooting and blowing chunks to alleviate our fears and concerns. You are the best thing that has ever happened to AMC, and I will always admire your stellar performances. Thanks for this fireside chat. We all love you.

  10. Thank you Cady. I appreciate that you take the time to blog.

    I am so tickled that AMC is back on the air and I am so glad to see Dixie as one of the characters again. Next on my wish list is that the one and only Thaddeus Martin comes back to town.

    I have really been enjoying the show; the mix of familiar faces and some great newcomers as well. The show has the feel that Agnes Nixon’s hand is on the wheel again. Maybe just a finger or two, but a definite Agnes-like feel to it.

    As for the two days a week, I’m OK with that schedule. All I hope is that the shows continue (with great writing for the actors to work with) and that there will be plenty of work for cast and crew.

    I am a Canadian viewer and was initially sad when I found out that FX Canada had dropped the show, but then very happy to learn that I could watch via iTunes for 50 cents an episode. An absolute bargain. 🙂

    Cheers and thanks again.
    A fan of AMC since 1972

  11. I think most viewers are just scared, i don’t want to get attached to the show and then it’s cancelled. You made me feel better! I’m just gonna go with the flow. I take what i can get! I rather have 2 shows a week then nothing at all! If it means better story lines, and more money for my favorite actors to return then hey! I’m all for it. We just have to roll with the punches! I feel really bad about the mean comments people wrote . Your fans that love you far out weight the haters that’s what matters! Your speaking up for something you believe in and you have the right to! Keep your head up and thanks again for being connected to us fans! Love ya! Ps I love “mr. Know it all” on your album that song is my favorite just had to tell you that 🙂 peace!

  12. Cady
    I am so glad I found your blog. I feel better now that I read what you had to say. I mussed you so when you left the show originally. But you kept coming back and then for good. You are a wonderful actress. I do miss Tad. They never refer to him on the new show on HULU. Will he be coming back? I hope so. You and Michael are perfect together. I have been watching since the first episode. You are really like family. I just can’t get enough. They keep mentioning in the blogs on HULU that there will be a 5 week break. Is that true? I hope not. What can we do to help keep the show going? Would love for it to be back for 1 hour a day for 5 days and I am sure everyone else does as well. Keep up the good work.
    Marsha Gordon

  13. I read every word i couldn’t agree with you more and honey you were never forgotten 🙂 were here for life like you said were all FAMILY 🙂 i love every thing you’re all doing its wonderful have a lovely weekend (hugs) Lauren

  14. Thanks for keeping in touch, Cady. I’ve been a fan of AMC since day one & I’m absolutely thrilled that it has been given back to us. I have no complaints about the show….I don’t feel there are too many newbies, we still have a significant number of former castmates, & I enjoy the new characters/actors. Pete, AJ, & Miranda are excellent recasts, & Pete & Celia are an adorable couple. It’s a hoot to see Billy Clyde on the canvas again after so long & I’m really looking forward to seeing Dimitri again soon! You’ve been doing an excellent job, Cady, & I hope to see more of Dixie. Although there are others I’d like to see return to the soaps, I’m happy with all we’ve been given so far in Pine Valley & in Llanview!

    Thanks again for all you do, Cady…..love you!!! :>)

  15. Cady you are so awesome and Thank you so much for this information and I love my autograph picture you sent me last week! Much love to you and I have so much RESPECT for AMC and your work. Love, Larry Dennison. <3

  16. Thanks lady for bringing me into the family! Good thing I already know about having crazy ones! 😉 At least this one is working together for the greater good! And there is DEF some GOOD entertainment in progress and on the way….i have seen the future.

  17. Cady, Thanks so much for saying that. I am not worried. I am with you! I am so grateful we have our shows. You have your show. So many have their jobs back!!! I know this is not an end, just a detour. Thanks so much for your kind words as without this and other positive things I would be worried! You are awesome!! So glad I get to see you!

    And I miss so many people still. First is Tad Martin and Stuart Chandler. I truly hope we get to see more of our beloved people back.

    Thanks for saying that!!!

  18. Whew – when I saw how you started your post, I thought you were going to say you were leaving the show. I’m happy to see that’s not the case and you were just explaining what was happening. I’m fine with with the 2 shows a week – I would prefer 4 or 5, but I’m happy to get the 2 and will probably be able to keep up a little easier. Actually – I’m going to end this post, so I can watch this week’s episodes – been traveling and missed the shows.
    Thanks for sharing, Cady.

  19. Thank you for everything – from being my favourite AMC character for all these years to being an amazing internet leader-who-feels-like-a-friend. I’m so grateful to have AMC back. I’m Canadian and I have no problem with paying iTunes $10 for 20 episodes – only 50 cents per episode!

  20. Beautifully said Cady. Yes, at first I was heart-broken that AMC went from 4 days to 2 days a week on my Hulu Plus (I am so blasted use to watching it on my 60′ something HD T.V. that I HAD to get Hulu Plus ) BUT, I will take AMC 2 days a week, then none at all. And this is saying a lot for someone who has been with AMC since 1971 🙂 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a complete explanation for us, Cady. I have watched your commentary as things have developed and admired your gusto! I agree with a previous poster who felt you should be being paid a stipend for Public Relations. You are definitely filling a needed position!

    I must admit that I was shocked at PP’s evaluation of our viewing time. I thought that was one of the primary advantages of internet viewing and it was why I was projecting the theory that all television will eventually end up online. Here we can stream through our TVs and watch WHAT we want to watch WHEN we want to watch it. Tallying up the viewing habits should be done at the end of the week, and viewers should know that if they want their viewing habits to be counted, they need to find some way to fit that broad schedule. For people who don’t care about whether or not they are counted, they could view when they chose. But expecting us to view at ANY GIVEN HOUR just because WE USED TO DO IT THAT WAY OVER CABLE does not make any sense.

    This is supposed to be a NEW BEGINNING.

    I agree with the posters who are saying that we need to build some history with the new characters and give them some time before we judge them. First impressions are not always good or accurate.

    Frankly, we need to STOP LOOKING A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH!!! Be grateful that we have the shows back. Give them some time to get the kinks out and get up to speed. I thought AMC got off to a slower start than OLTL, but that is no longer the case. I didn’t see a need to change writers, but I am not a head honcho of anything anywhere, so that sort of classifies THAT commentary. I am very uncomfortable with the sex trafficing theme and I will be happy if that is quickly cut short. And while I understand that this is cable, it seems that the dialogue is excessively gritty. I suppose we all judge by the environment that surrounds us, and my friends and I don’t talk like that–so I have to grit my teeth a lot.

    I made myself “catch up” with this week’s programming this afternoon. I should have been working in my yard because weeds have no schedule–cable, internet or otherwise. They just GROW. But I put them off and watched my missed episodes. I’m all set for Monday!

    Thank you again for your wonderful post. We will be here, watching appreciatively!
    Darlene Anderson

    1. First off Cady thank you so much for the personal insight. I am very much relieved, because I did fear going to two days a week was the first step towards cancellation. I would not be able to take it again. I actually grieved at the shows demise. I’ve watched them ever since my first memories.
      Darlene for the most part I completely agree with you. As to the sex trafficking storyline it may make you feel uncomfortable, but ultimately that’s a good thing. I think more attention needs to be brought to this subject. When I looked into the I was completely floored. Did you know that there are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today and according to the U.S. state department 600k to 800k people are trafficked across international borders every year? I could go on and on but I won’t. I firmly believe that putting the spotlight on this subject matter is important.

  22. Cady,
    Thank you for writing this. It’s so nice to hear where you are coming from on it, with your inside scoop, too. I will never give up on AMC or OLTL and will continue to watch them for as long as they are on. I, too, feel like they are my families. I grew up watching them, and they have brought me through a lot of life events, like with you, Cady. Love you and the show, Cady!

  23. Thanks so much for all you do Cady. I’m a die hard fan, and I’m thrilled to have two episodes each of AMC and OLTL. Sure I would be even happier with more, but I get it and I will adjust. I

    I’d like to address something many fans keep bringing up:

    Missing cast members:
    Prospect Park had to invent the wheel to do what it did, and it took some time. During that time many of the wonderful actors moved on to new projects. Stay loyal to the shows, recruit new viewers, and hopefully more favorites will come back in the future. Keep showing them love and urge them to return.

    Young cast members getting so much air time.
    Shortly after I began watching AMC, in the early 80’s many complained about the same exact thing. A bunch of new kids came to Pine Valley – Tad Martin (returned after running away and growing up), Jessie Hubbard, Angie Baxter, Liza Colby, Greg Nelson, Jenny Gardner. If we want the shows to be embraced by future generations, we must accept the fact that the shows will need an infusion of youth from time to time. Give the newbies a chance to develop into our favorites.

    Thanks Prospect Park, cast and crew of All My Children and One Life To Live and extra special thanks to Cady. (PS I’m a fan of Mister Peanut as well)

    1. WIth all due respect I watched AMC back then and it never was for the characters you mentioned. As I’ve stated before I was 4 yrs old when I started watching soaps. I watched DOOL and ATWT and it was for the very adult Doug and Julie and ATWT’s twisted marriage of John Dixon and his suffering wife Kim.

      I will never subscribe to the notion that the only way to attract new viewers or younger viewers is to show boring teen romances. It’s simply not true. And I think despite the ‘OJ trial’ excuse that mindset was the real reason the audiences dwindled year after year on network.

      I know many viewers that started watching because of watching with their mothers or even grandmothers. It had jack to do with seeing ‘young’ people onscreen.

      So while yes, we need a new generation of characters to carry on we don’t need to see them EVERY episode. We don’t need to see ANY character every episode. (It’s the equivalent of a pushy sales person. – It’s a turn off and whether I liked the product or not I’m apt not to buy)

      And when you’re a NEW character – legacy or not a previously background character SORASED and RECAST is a newbie – you should be worked in SLOWLY. But to show them adnauseum at the expense of veteran characters’s airtime that were advertised as being on the show to draw established viewers or using those veteran characters as mere props breeds contempt for the ‘newbies.’ It gives the message viewers over a certain age and characters they like don’t matter. And I don’t think that’s quite what PP was aiming for.

      Write a good character driven story for proven favorite characters (they’re not vets for nothing) and the viewers will come. Slowly introduce newer characters and let the audience decide whom to pair. Whom to care about. Never predesignate a couple ala Pete/Celia (and may I add Celia has absolute no relation to anyone on canvas Brooke doesn’t care about the dating woes of a volunteer – it’s ridiculous) I wish someone in charge would learn this.

  24. I posted this on Facebook and I’ll do it here too.

    “The backlash was more of the way the press release was framed. They seemed to blame the fans for either not watching both shows or blaming them for they way they watched. You mean they watched an online show like it was an online show? No kidding! The cut down to two shows per week sends up a red flag to many of us. We’ve been there before and do not want to get too invested in this only to be burned again. Jill’s statement was a decent explanation but if they had next to nothing when they started, why did they start so soon and why 4 shows a week? Seems to me you start slow and build up from there. You don’t go the other way. Even if it isn’t in trouble, the fans will perceive it to be that way. That causes disinterest and isn’t good for anyone. Yes, it’s back. Yes, we still get 2 shows a week. Yes, we’ll still support it because 1 hour per week is better than 0 hours per week. I’ll still support it because I’ve been a Dixie addict for 25 years and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Also, anyone who blames any of the actors for this are really crazy. Cady, you are doing an amazing job as always. Thank YOU!!!!”

    1. They had a contract deadline to meet which Jill also explained in her statement. Had they not started up when they did you wouldn’t have either show right now. I don’t blame them for the way they started.

      I think the wording of the press release was an attempt at the ‘you’ POV where to appease customers everything is directed how it will benefit them. But it backfired because in saying it was done for how the audience was watching ie ‘binging’ on weekend it totally contradicted the big sell of ‘watch when you want – anytime’ when they were actually counting on views the first 3 days of an episode airing. That’s how advertisers on Hulu look for profit.

      With what happened in the PP’s first attempt at this knowing they have some lack of trust out there I don’t believe they wanted to turn around and say ‘No you have to watch when we first air it.’ Followed by we thought you wall watched both shows.

      AMC/OLTL were cancelled together but it doesn’t mean that every one is a cross watcher. Many simply have no interest in the other show but PP is banking on them for financial production reasons and how they sold them to investors as a ‘package deal’. They want the audience of each to watch the other and with some that’s just not going to happen. PP is going to have to deal with that reality.

      I also think a big reason is what Jill laid out about the crew and writers working until 4am every day. That can’t be good for anyone’s health. So until all that’s worked out it’s a good idea they took a step back and reduced the schedule to 2. Remember Jeff said they can and WILL adjust according and may very well go back to 4 episodes a week.

      Maybe a new press release is warranted where they explain better what they need in views. There is a lack of trust factor at work here, like it or not. I think the audience will take more to straight truth then reading and hearing press releases that don’t add up logistically. I, myself, watched 3 shows that were 1 hr long 5 times a week for YEARS while living my life and working fulltime with no problem. And I’m sure many others have as well so it doesn’t sound quite right when we’re being told ‘we can’t keep up’ with 4 24 mins episodes. I’ve also started watching soaps long after they began and was just fine. I didn’t need to see years prior from show 1 to be able to adapt. Just sayin’

    2. You make a good point. Starting with two shows probably would have been better but because the network format was five days a week, I think there was a lot of pressure to repeat that. It turned out that two shows works better online, for now. Perhaps it will change again, but since it is the VERY FIRST show (along with OLTL) to move from network to the Internet full time, there is a learning curve. It’s a work in progress for all of us. Thanks for being on board!!

  25. Enjoy reading your posts Cady. I kind of feel like your grandmother as I’m 73 and have been with you so long. Glad to have the show again, my husband (80 now) have watched since he had a industrial accident in 1969 and was home for 3 yrs.+. Hope the show lasts at least till 2039 LOL. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  26. Hello my beloved friend Cady or Dixie! Thanks for sharing this story for all to see. You touched my heart and I know this was straight from your heart. I have been watching All My Children since 1970. I started watching it with my mother. I have been ever since. This show is going to be on for years again. I believe this whole heartedly. Dixie is a very lovely lady who cares so much about people, Her co-workers, friends, fans and everyone else for that matter. This is the kind way she is. Her work and all that she does speaks for itself. I am touched by all that she does. She even sent me an autographed picture which I display on my computer stand. It’s my most prized possession as far as I am concerned. Sometimes it can be little things that make people feel so good. Since watching All My Children, I feel like I am part of this big family. I am in no way ashamed to say I treasure AMC. It’s a big part of my life and will always be. Cady you are a true gem and I am honored to be your friend and fan forever. Thanks Dixie! May the love and grace of God be with all of us today and everyday forevermore. With love Cady, your friend and fan always, Carle Wells.

  27. Thanks Cady so much for keeping us informed. I have been a fan since 1971. Of course not straight thru, had a child, went to work, then tivo finally came along and I could watch at night. While I now work at home I found Hulu great and I could watch while eating right at my computer. I still have one question, If both show had such high ratings why did they feel it necessary to cut back production. It was already cut back from the 1 hour that it was on when it was canceled. People had less show to watch than original show. I’m confused. You could watch 2 shows in the same time. Oh well, Everything will be fine. I accept the present format. Just glad it is back. Miss both AMC and OLTL, but I missed you the most. From the very first time you first met Uncle Palmer.

  28. I love you, Cady! And I love AMC and have since the first day it aired in January 1970! So glad you both are back in my life!

  29. Cady, you are the best! Thank you so much for the communication and care that you offer us. I’ve watched AMC and OLTL since the beginning, and even though, of course, I’d like new episodes each day, I get why the decision was made. I am staying positive and loving whatever number of episodes are available. Love you for caring so much!

  30. Cady, beautifullly written! Thanks for addressing all the questions that were in my mind in such an eloquent and reassuring way. It’s comforting to know that you “get” it. AMC has been in my life since 1977, so I get it when you say “it’s like family”…if it’s that way for the fans, it must be 1,000,000 times stronger of a family feeling for those of you in the cast. I am a fan for life (of the show and of you !!!) and I will not let these changes worry me or get me down. Have you ever heard the phrase “online disinhibition”? It’s the idea that people will say more extreme things online (harsher, cruder, meaner) than they would ever say to anyone in person. I hope that’s what’s going on with the negative AMC/OTL fans. So I say, congratulations to you and thanks for the positive words!!! We love you!!!

  31. Thank you so much for trying to explain this to everyone. Yes we are upset and its good to hear that you also were concerned as we were, but now that you have explained it better I think that it will all be good in the long run. People just need to support the shows and let others know they’re back and to watch!! Thank you again! Now can you please round up Tad (Michael) and bring him home? 🙂

  32. I never want to loose AMC again.It was something that was a staple in my mom’s life and handed down.I have been a fan from the beginning.What worries me this new schedule will only end the chance of a network.Many many people with no Internet access or still waiting to.I have so many asking all the time.Not everyone can afford a computer.This change of less show only deepens my worry.Cady why do you have to keep calming the viewers.Why can’t PP talk.You seem to get all the hell and negativity not them.Surprise your not tired of explaining all the time.With the shake up of new writers what does tis mean?

  33. Well, I must say that I was worried that when they said that they were cutting the show to twice a week. I still am a little bit. I mean it’s easier to watch now than when it was on TV. You can watch it anytime, heck I can even watch it @ work. So there are new people. You have to keep the show fresh & yeah, they are mostly related to characters on the show now. I love seeing the old characters; Billy Clyde & Francesa James, even if her character is new. But I would love to see some more Martins, hint, hint. But Cady, I wouldn’t get sick over it. Every little thing gonna be alright now (LOL).

  34. Very well said Cady. I hope many people take the time to read this, calm down, and just tune in and support the shows.

    I was so upset when FX Canada dropped the shows seeing as I (like many others) went through a process of switching cable providers, paying cancellation fees to prior provider and all that not so fun very expensive stuff just to be able to watch, but as much as that all sucks, at the end of the day the main thing is iTunes Canada has it. Canadians still have a way to tune in, and I have definitely been taking that all in, watching AMC or OLTL each day, and no commercials/keeping the episodes is a pretty good deal!

  35. we loved 5 shows a week
    dont know why they changed it
    its great seeing one life to live and all my children

  36. Cady, did you hear the news today that PP has fired the head writers for both AMC and OLTL, and replaced them with new head writers that previously wrote as script writers for the shows? How will this decision affect the writing of the storylines on both shows, Cady? Any thoughts on this breaking news?

    1. Well it must have been a very difficult decision for them to make, as our current head writers did do an amazing job of getting the show off the ground and up and into action. Awe inspiring, even. That said, the new writers are really familiar with the shows history and there is something to be said for that. They may have a shorthand for knowing the characters that the first writers still were learning. Since these shows are so based in history, I could understand if that was some of the reasoning behind it. I do know that a lot of thought was put into it. None of these decisions are haphazard. It’s a painful choice but the long term success of the show is what is always being served. They did a great job, so lets give them a big round of applause and all our thanks for bringing back the show so beautifully.

  37. Cady that great. And the pictures made me LMAO. And you ‘get’ it. I, myself, haven’t felt the shows were going away. I just know they’ll be around for a long time to come and that Jeff, Frank and PP are dedicated to make them a success. My concern is the what I believe to be a falsehood but PP seeming to be going by and that is ‘show the young all the time and that will increase viewers.’

    I feel that’s been the MO for years on network now and it’s simply not true. Show characters that are PROVEN favorites in good stories that are true to character and not for convenience of plot and people will watch. I started at 4 watching soaps and not one ‘young’ story ever interested me. It was the adult characters like Doug and Julia from DOOL. John and Kim from ATWT. What I’m saying is, while I get you need to add new blood and show the legacy kids to keep the show going they shouldn’t be ALL that’s shown. And right now, that’s how it feels. I’ve seen AJ/Miranda EVERY episode have a diff variation of the same conversation over and over. And Pete/Celia sans one episode the same thing. And Brooke, whom I’ve loved for 30 + yrs get to play prop or not appear at all. I’ve seen AJ/Miranda in HER house more than I’ve seen her. That’s not right.

    Maybe the new HWs will change things. My fear is, however, that it’s PP’s edict the ‘kids’ be on all the time and that would be very disappointing. I would hope they would learn from ABC’s mistake. So show the kids. But give them a rest. A SORAS previously barely scene legacy kid recast is one step above a newbie character and logic would dicate the audience doesn’t want to see them adnauseum especially when it’s at the expense of characters they’ve been tuning in for for decades. It’s a mistake. I hope that PP realizes this and will change accordingly.

    I’m extremely grateful to have these shows back. I thank you, the HARD working cast and crew of both shows. I thank Jeff and Frank and the whole PP/TOLN crew. So much so I subscribed to Hulu plus. Taught myself to hook up Wifi and 3 Rokus. Not to mention purchasing multi passes from Itunes. I tell everyone I can to watch. I talk up the these shows. But I’d like to think that I, as a 45 yr old woman, is valued as a viewer. I don’t feel that when it seems everything is geared at what PP or HWs feel please younger viewers than I by making the show a teen show w vet characters like Brooke as human props or window dressing.

    So I will continue to watch both shows. I’m in it for the long haul but I would like to see some change on the lack of Brooke and Adam, Opal, having stories about THEM front. Hoping to get the wedding for Brooke and Adam that was delayed by PP from the network finale shown on the current TOLN AMC that I’ve waited for since 1989.

    Thank you for your words. And your continual reaching out to the fans. It’s very much appreciated by this fan. You’re a joy and a delight. And here’s hoping Dixie gets more story.

    1. Brooke, I see that you are only 45. I see 80 coming up on my odometer in December, and I hate to tell you, but I have some sad news. Television does not care about female viewers. Their preferred demographic is from the teens to the mid thirties, but only MALE viewers. What is worse, the older you get, the more invisible you become. And if you can be prepared for the really grim news, wait till your husband dies and you become a widow. You have to become COMPLETELY independent. Married friends will not invite an extra woman. Men of your age are usually already dead. I am grinning as I write, because it sounds so grim. But you can survive it all and have a great life. You just have to realize that you are an invisible person and laugh if off.

      1. Well I’m 43 but who’s counting? I’ve heard of this before but I encourage you to throw off your invisibility and not let anyone tell you how to be. Check out this book, “Advanced Style.” These women are all much older and in no way letting go of being fabulous. I found it an inspiration. Hope you do too!

  38. Cady,

    I still don’t totally get the rationale here, although it’s making more sense the more I see it. I even fell behind last week, and caught up Wednesday night with both shows. I think people would feel better if PP had communicated it to the fans as easily as you, Vincent, and Jill have explained it (as has Melissa Archer on the OLTL side) But, what more as fans can we do here? Is there a monetary side to this that we’re not seeing-supporting sponsors, etc? Many fans are still at a loss as to why the change happened-and they want to help, but just don’t know how to, beyond what’s already being done

    1. The best thing you can Sonia to keep watching and to encourage other people to watch. Being vocally supporting on the Internet helps too!

  39. This was a great post. Thank you. It’s been a roller coaster ride for fans, but I’m loving the output from both AMC and OLTL and am with you for the long haul. Someone posted on Twitter today that it’s better to work the kinks out now, and it’s all going great… We just need to adjust to things from time to time. I can work with that.

  40. It has never been “just a TV show” to me. I see soap operas as a tradition.

    “They just didn’t have the TIME to watch every single episode.” ??? If they used to watch the hour-long show on ABC, why would they not have time to watch the half-hour-long show on the Internet? I had to record the shows while I was at work, then watch them while I ate my dinner. Granted, I got to fast-forward through the commercials back then and I can’t do that on HULU now…but, nonetheless, that *excuse* is not a *reason* to complain. And, PP should not be catering to the minority…the “squeaky wheel always get the oil” while the rest of us wheels just keep on turning. And personally, this wheel is thrilled AMC and Dixie are back in my life again!

  41. Very well written Cady. 🙂 You are a very caring soul. I’m really enjoying the new shows and the new cast members are great. Watching Billy Clyde Tuggle again is a hoot. Can’t wait to see what he gets into! My days are busy, and I like the flexibility of being able to watch when I have the time, so Hulu works out really well for me. No complaints there! Hulu – who knew? 😉

  42. thank you Cady. When I was working I had a hard time keeping up with AMC and DVR’ed so many episodes, I finally gave up. Then in 2006, I developed a chronic illness that made me permanently disabled and i was back watching AMC and trying out OLTL and as you know we lost Guiding Light and As the World Turns. When AMC and OLTL went dark I was devastated. Then PP brought them back Thank God. When the news came that it was being cut back from 4 to 2 shows a week, that feeling of “Oh no, we are going to lose them again.” I finally understand the reason now and though I will always want more, I’ll take quality over quanity any day. Like a good novel, I never want it to end, Have a good rest.

  43. You are a sucky, sucky asshole. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying some beignets down in the big easy.

    I really hope no one called you that. Thank you for this blog. There is definitely a knee-jerk reaction that most internet fans demonstrated when the show was cut to 2 episodes a week. There is a deep seeded (and previously proven right) fear that if anything changes it means the whole show will be gone soon. People are still adjusting to changes (watching online, cursing, hey… where did all the promised sex go? LOL) so we’re scared and upset.

    My big fear is (as it was with ABC) that PP is saying “everything’s fine” when behind the scenes it’s not. They wouldn’t be telling anyone (cast, crew) the truth if they were ABC but I know they’re not. Everyone connected with PP seems to love working with them. But then… they just changed the head writers today. Hopefully this will help with some things that were iffy.

    Anyway, much love your way. You’ve got a new home now and let’s all fight to keep it there.

    PS: Hopefully AJ won’t need to say “shit” every day. That’s turning into a drinking game.

    1. You know, I read the first sentence of this post and I thought “hey, who is this jerk saying nasty things to Cady?!?” , and then I saw it was you Claudine. LOL…. cracked me up! And then I drifted off at the thought of beignets in the big easy…….

  44. I liked how someone on FB called you “ambassador” for the show. Perfect title. You led the cheers to get us to the new show. Now you’re just the person with the cred to explain what’s going on—the growing pains. Good article.

  45. Well said Cady, you are a doll for talking with us like you do. I will watch no matter how often it is on even though I kept up no problem but I think I may be in the minority. I even watched it on my kindle when I was away from home. Love my AMC family and yes I am one of those crazy people thats been watching since 1970! ♥

  46. i’m sorry that fx Canada dropped it, I cannot watch it on I tunes because I refuse to pay for what americans get free, it’s not fair, I hope maybe another Canadian channel might pick it up but if and/or that happens, I guess I can’t watch a soap I’ve watched since 1970 when it first aired

    1. Well if you watch on Hulu you have to watch all the commercials. On iTunes I think it is AD free, so it’s kind of an equal trade in a way… Hope you don’t give up… Xoxo

      1. Will NEVER give up. I do not mind watching it with commercials. I also do not mind paying a small fee my AMC.

      2. I have and watch on both. It’s absolutely ad free when you watch on Itunes. I don’t mind the ads on Hulu because they’re so short and as I’m watching thru Roku on my tv it’s like the ‘old days’ for me.

    2. You can still watch on Hulu even in Canada. Hola.org. Install the add on for your browser and go to Hulu and enjoy!

    1. I have been a fan of yours since “My Favorite Year”.
      I just had no idea what an incredible writer and wonderful human you are. Thanks so much for this great piece, and the photo of you over the toilet is PRICELESS! 🙂

      1. What happened? Today is Friday so when I went to see the AMC Friday MORE program there was none. Have they decided to delete the Friday show as well?

          1. Thanks for answering. I wonder if most people did not know to look there. Cady, can you tell me what happened to Greenlee? Did she get killed in a car crash and get saved by David and she came back after she was healthy and then what happened and will she be rejoining the show. She is so adorable. I loved listening to her foot steps. She and Kendall what a pair. Thanks so much for being a big part of my life. You have gotten me thru so many hard times including Cancer. Please keep AMC going. Looking forward to the return of Michael.

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