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“Flip Fantasia” comes into the world in FIVE DAYS: September 17th!

Posted on: September 13, 2013

First of all, if you have been following me because of my work on “All My Children” or “As The World Turns” I thank you.  I am deeply blessed by your support.  I must tell you that all my work, including my acting work, is deeply personal to me.  I put every bit of myself into everything I do.  Why else do it?  That’s just how I feel.

So I am very proud of this very personal little movie I made this summer.  So much so that I really WANT you all to SEE IT.  I was told “Do the festivals, it’s important” only to find that there is so much strum and drang around them all.  So many films want “in” and the rules are all over the place.  I respect those that make an effort to bring small films more recognition, but I have decided to only focus on those that allow me to share this film WITH YOU, ONLINE.  Because YOU are who are who I made this film for- the REAL people of this world.  Not to impress a judge or another filmmaker.

Please note: there is swearing in this movie, and some serious situations.  That said, it’s a COMEDY about one of the hardest parts of life.  DEATH.

In the spirit of sharing is caring, I am making some short videos ABOUT making FLIP with the OTHER amazing people I was blessed to get the chance to work with.  There will be 5 DAYS of videos, starting today, followed with a release on VIMEO, for FREE.  If you feel compelled to give there will be a “tipjar” for you to share but my goal is simply for you to encounter and get involved with the fantasy world of this film, because it IS a fantasy… based on reality… a “Flip Fantasia.”

Please check out this look at the wonderful actor who plays SMEG (his real name is Greg, but nobody calls him that) EDEN MARRYSHOW.

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