Jon and Cady at the LA Indie Film Fest

Fun at the Festival

Jon and Cady at the LA Indie Film FestI had such a fun time at the LA Indie Film Festival. So many wonderful pals showed up to support my work, and the audience (made up of not only my friends, but total strangers, too) laughed all through the film! What a delight!

Best of all, my wonderful husband was there to cheer me on and support the work. What a great guy!

I also got to meet this fantastic interviewer, who did a terrific in-depth interview with me after the screening.



2 thoughts on “Fun at the Festival

  1. I’m glad everything went well for the showing of your film. It’s such a delightful movie. It made me laugh and it made me cry. And the interview was very interesting. I hope you have continued success as a film maker. And of course I always enjoy watching you on Y&R.

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