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SMbathroomThanks to the lovely writer (and soap fan) Mark Rosenberg, my thoughts on the new All My Children, and the story that led up to this amazing moment in time, are chronicled in the au-courant Huffington Post!  Check it out HERE!

I was sorry they did not use the photo I sent, but in honor of the attempt to use it, I am sharing it with you.  Perhaps it was a bit too risqué for their mag?  I don’t know.  Whatever!

This pic was a part of the photo shoot I did a few months ago. One I did just for me, to celebrate being 43.  YEP forty-three. I do not lie about my age because it would make me feel bad and I don’t want to propagate any myth that it isn’t cool to be in your 40’s.  It’s WAY COOL.  I can’t do anything about what YOU think 43 is, but in my mind, it is nothing to feel apologetic about.

That said, this was not the message I received growing up.  I was told that after I turned 40 I should hang up my hat on all things sexy, romantic, or beautiful.  That I should put on my mom jeans and forget about it.  Well I decided this was bullshit, and this photo shoot is one expression of that decision!

I also realized that in the three years I have been writing my book, I wore my fuzzy robe and slippers far too far into the day.  I would occasionally get some workout clothes on, but often didn’t make it to the gym.  I was, I think, struggling with the content of my book and just needed to comfort myself as much as possible.  I also put on some pounds and drank too much.  Ah, the writer’s life.  I still love me a martini… Mmmm.

As the book neared its completion point I realized had to start shaking it all off.  I had to start letting go of the past and embracing the present.  To me, that meant treating myself better. This didn’t mean I’m was going to give up my fuzzy robe and slippers anytime soon (because they are damn comfy) but that when I got dressed (and it is an effort, believe it or not) I would try more and more to put on something decent, do my makeup, and wear my nice jewelry.

Sometimes I think that they had it right in the 1950’s.  What you wear matters, but only because it is an expression of who you are.  It shows a respect for life, and for the people in your life.  Trust me, I’m not putting on stockings and heels and a girdle every day (HELL NO) but putting on pretty underwear, clean jeans and a nice sweater can really make a difference in how I feel about myself.

There is nothing wrong with being nice to yourself, which is also not what I was taught growing up.  I was taught I was selfish for asking for anything, that I should be grateful for what I have, that I should take care of everybody else and keep my real feelings to myself.  I realized that is WAY WRONG.  It is not nice and not cool and it doesn’t lead to anything like happiness.

It’s important for you to know when I talk about self-improvement, I’m not trying to be a teacher or tell you what YOU should think or how you should be.  I’m no guru nor do I want to be one.  I’m just saying this is MY experience.  If you get something from it, that’s AWESOME.

I hope today you can be a little nicer to yourself, too.







12 thoughts on “Hey I’m in the Huffington Post!

  1. Rumors are all the place that AMC and OLTL will not make it passed September,We only heard they done great the first week and nothing else.Someone please out a press release about total viewers and is it looking good for soaps.We want them to stay.We fought way to long.No matter what we are not getting info on how there doing after the second week.Could TOLN please give a press release on these issues?We are really wanting to know weekly total viewers and if there is a future for them…

  2. I can’t help thinking this picture of Cady McClain is fictitious and that’s why he didn’t include it in the article. I wish it were real though.

    1. It’s real, I promise you! It’s a shot from the photo shoot I did in February of this year. I wouldn’t put up a fake shot of somebody else!

  3. Love your blog and especially, your honesty, Cady! I will admit that I watch ‘old’ tv – westerns and shows I grew up loving – Donna Reed, That Girl. I have come to so appreciate the way the ladies in those shows and in those years 50-60’s dressed. They all look so put together, whether they were the mom or the daughter. And the thing I love most is that they all sat down and ate meals together and had a spirituality about them, too. Sometimes I think the farther we move ahead, the more behinder we get. Just my opinion! Can’t wait for AMC!

  4. I love your blog, Cady, & how you always tell it like it is! As usual, you look beautiful. I try to look my best as much as possible. Many people think my daughter & I are sisters when we’re out together so I suppose I’m doing something right!

    I also enjoyed the excellent article & agree it would be awesome to see Richard Shoberg again, he was great as Tom. I love all your thoughts on AMC & I believe it’s going to be amazing! 🙂

  5. Read your article this morning from Huffington Post.We alwaye will boycott ABC except General Hospital over them cancelling our soaps.All My Children was the only soap I watched,I know watched GH to support it.Who knows when ABC will get rid of it to.Please answer the question in one of your interviews earlier.You said watch the reboot on the ineternet forst beofre it goes to cable.Please telll me we do have a chance for all that keep asking who do not have internet to see them to.I am ask all the time from people who do not have internet will they ever get to see them.Please Cady will they go back to TV?I know I’m one of the biggest AMC fans.I have watched it with my mother since the beginning.Even though she watched all three I went down to one when working and my sons sports took up so much time.The one I could not give up was AMC.

    1. Thank you so much for your passion and loyalty. I do suggest that boycotting ABC, except for GH, is perhaps too aggressive. It really isn’t the entire network’s fault this happened. I think focusing on the GREAT news that the soaps are back is key! I have heard that they MIGHT go to cable at some point, I have heard this discussed, but right NOW the only way to watch them FOR FREE is on Hulu.com. I know you have an internet connection somewhere, or you wouldn’t have written me here, so you DO have ACCESS to AMC and OLTL!

      Here is the direct link: http://www.hulu.com/all-my-children

      You can ALSO watch GH, Days of Our Lives, and One Life to Live on Hulu.com. FOR FREE. There are links to those shows right there on the link I am listing for you.

      If you have AppleTV, you can watch all these shows through the internet ON YOUR TELEVISION. It’s WAY cheaper than cable with FEWER commercials.


      Thank you again for your caring!

      1. Cady yes I do have internet and am one of the lucky ones that will be watching.I just pray the ones who don’t will get to someday.We have many asking without internet all the time who love AMC and OLTL as much as we do.I am so happy Port Charles is back.Seen this show from the beginning.Thank you for taking the time to answer me.And I just can;t forgive ABC and many others feel the same.I back General Hospital but that is it for me now.You don’t take away our soaps.Ready and waiting for the 29th…

  6. I love what you have to say, Cady. Congrats on the Huffington Post article. I am with you on wanting Richard Shoberg on AMC. He was so great on the show years ago. Miss him. Thanks for all of your wonderful insight to the reboot. I can’t wait!!

  7. Love to hear what you have to say Cady. True, there are some days I wander around in my sweats but I much prefer to spend a little time to put on some make-up and dress nicely. It makes me feel good to know I look good.

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