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Posted on: November 27, 2011

What “inspires” you?  What does it mean to BE “inspired”?  As an actor, artist, musician, writer and someone who has spent years looking for meaning and pursuing personal healing I am constantly in the process of looking for this thing called inspiration.  It is an endless search for an exciting idea or thought, image or sound that will help me to create work that feels authentic and satisfying to me.  I am endlessly seeking “a spark” to send me off in a direction that feels true.  I think Oprah calls this her “ah-ha” moment.

In my journey towards this “spark” I have discovered that there is a deep connection between the spiritual and the creative.  In order to be the MOST creative I can be (and therefore the most happy) I MUST be connected in some way to what I call “The Great Wah.”  I have found it everywhere and in everything.

I have decided to share with you my process.  Everything I have learned from and been healed and inspired by.  I feel that I can now share some of these ideas in a way that might really help you in YOUR process of self discovery and expression.  Where I cannot I am sure others can and so I am also sharing with you all kinds of books, artists, doctors, teachers and ideas that have taken me in a new and exciting direction.

Thank you for visiting, and please… enjoy!

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