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Last Days on AMC

Posted on: August 21, 2011

Only a few more days of shooting. Sorry I haven’t been able to blog more about AMC but there is only so much I can tell you… because there are only a few days to have surprises left! It’s been a lot of work, as always, but also a lot of fun. I think my favorite moments have been with Michael, laughing, sharing stories and lives, thinking together about our strange journey as TV lovers over 20 years… and playing out that long imaginary relationship in front of the camera. Our friendship is very real, and that is one thing I am so glad to have come back for- so that we could re-connect as good friends who make each other laugh.

Mike and I and all us long time daytime actors- have spent so many moments in a world of make-believe. A world where good always wins over bad, and love triumphs over all. I will miss that world. I’m not always fond of the “real” world, where news always seems bad and the tragedies never seem to stop. It’s not like soaps don’t have their share of dead babies and tornados, but things always work out somehow. Babies are found alive and lovers come back from the dead! I will miss watching and working on the soaps for those outrageous but wonderful, hopeful happy endings.

Thank you, all you amazing viewers out there, for all your support and participation in our fantasy world. It has given me hope in humanity. That love, after all, truly does triumph in the end.



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