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Let’s Talk About Sex

Okay. You’ve all heard the news, All My Children is going to be a bit more risqué than usual. Yep. I am not the first to mention it, but I thought I might be one of the first to put it on the table for discussion. Let’s talk about sex, and about sex in our dramatic entertainment. Too much? Not enough? Well you can bet I have an opinion.

My opinion is this: sex is a good thing, wait, scratch that, sex is a GREAT thing! It’s a healthy impulse and a wonderful way to enjoy being, well, about as close as you can get to someone. Frankly, I think we have WAY too MUCH violence and way too LITTLE love making in our entertainment. This is probably because we are a country based on a puritan ethos that doesn’t really want to admit, we ALL LIKE SEX.

Do I recommend using birth control? YOU BET. Do I recommend only having sex when you are ready with someone that you truly CARE about? ABSO-F-ING-LUTELY. Is the young generation having a sexual revolution that no one is really TALKING ABOUT? ONE MILLION TIMES YES.

On another note: do you remember when the soaps were mostly LOVE stories, all leading up to the big moment when the characters would make love? Weren’t those FUN stories to watch? It wasn’t disgusting it was beautiful. I don’t know where those moments went but I am sure happy they are coming back. Passion is important!

I think it’s just as important to remember that as everyone has a different taste in clothes, so we all have a different taste in our fantasies and our lovemaking style. You can learn a lot about a person when you learn these details. When you look at a story from a sexual point of view, these choices are as much a part of a character as their fears, hopes and dreams.

Nudity-smooditty.  So WHAT.  The human body is beautiful and I will admit that I like to look at it, whether it’s a beautiful man or a beautiful woman.  And it doesn’t matter what age they are as long as they are an appropriate age and a consenting adult.

Sexiness is beautiful.  It is something we can and should ALL enjoy, no matter what age we are. Why not let ourselves relax a little?  It might just make for a happier world!

(I swear I am hearing Barry White applauding right now!)


34 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. You are one sexy & very attractive woman. Your husband is a lucky man…! 😉 Love your character on y &r…! Hope they keep you that way… 😉

  2. We are all at different stages in our sexual revolutions. It would be ignorant to say we all like it when everyone has not had it or have it to enjoy. I commend you on your own coming of age in this time of change. Will you talk about “love” if you can in the future? I am infinitely absorbed in the subject. Maybe sex and love are related…maybe they are joined at the hip so to speak.

  3. Re: the lady who said that she didn’t watch Tad & Dixie for the love scenes–well, I watched them because of the genuine, funny, down-to-earth REAL relationship, and that included the sex. I still carry with me the memory of the hottest, most amazing “sex scene” I ever saw anywhere, and it was when Tad & Dix first re-hooked up in Napa Valley after he regained his memory. Sure, he was married to Brooke at the time, but you could see how achingly strong the feeling between the two was, and just know they were re-discovering all that love that was dormant for so long. Long live humanity–the bad, the good, the sexy, the funny, everything that makes us what we are!

  4. I definitely miss all the “loving” on the soaps and/or any TV shows. I remember very clearly when the soaps on ABC were promoted as “Love in the Afternoon”!! Those were the days!!

  5. I still remember a scene on AMC from the mid- 90s where Tad and Dixie were in bed, Dixie was reading something and Tad was trying to get her attention by posing in a little black speedo, or bikini style underwear. As much as I love Micheal E. Knight, and really appreciated the humor he was interjecting into this scene, it was more of Tad than I ever wanted to see. I do applaud him for his bravery though. It took years for me to get that silly scene out of my head every time I saw Tad. Now please hear me correctly…this is not because MEK had a bad body or was out of shape, it was just more skin than I wanted to see. Maybe it’s because I am conservative, and from the South.

    OH LAWD…I googled the scene and found it;

  6. Boy…I do have mixed feelings.. I can imagine why it’s being done, beyond just that you CAN now without the constraints of TV network “guidelines”. There is an artistic angle to it, and it will help viewership more than hurt. I’m just not sure how I will react to it. After all, I grew up with this soap….Even though I THINK I am a smaller demographic (heterosexual male) of the shows viewers, the more racy version SHOULD bother me the least. After 41 years watching the PG-13+ version of AMC, the switch to the “R” version will certainly be a change for me… although I don’t think I could watch this version in the same room as my mother 😉 . Some will like it and some won’t. The thing that we won’t have to worry about is what often happens with re-adaption of a concept (i.e. movie re-do or a tv series as a movie)…a sex-ed up, cheapened down version, done mostly for maximum profit.

    There’s nothing wrong with profit, but with the people signed for AMC..both on and off screen, I do believe any changes will be done to improve the quality of the finished product,,first and foremost.

  7. I admit to looking forward to seeing a shirtless Peter Cortlandt. LOL Maybe even a butt shot. But I hope they keep in mind most of the audience is female or gay male. For a while ABC seemed to just be catering to the male execs at ABC. Then again, maybe they’ll get a new audience depending on what they show.

    I’d feel a little weird seeing Pine Valley nekkid all the time though having “grown up” with half the cast. It wouldn’t feel like AMC. I hope they keep things in context of the story. ROMANCE, I am ALL for. That was seriously lacking for ages on ABC. I’m actually hoping they also include some character actors, because I miss the days of the Mr. Ulatowskis, the Billy Clyde Tuggles. Not everyone has to look like they stepped off a runway in Paris. Not everyone has to be rich, either. I hope they explore that too. The UK does it successfully with their soaps.

    What it will come down to is… storytelling. Are the storylines compelling, do they make sense? Are the characters acting like themselves? It still has to be AMC.

    What I do love is that this is groundbreaking. It’s happening! And soaps are leading the way to the future of TV by making the jump. That’s cause for celebration.

    1. Per usual, VERY well said, Claudine! I don’t know of ANY butt shots, but I am not on set all day. I do know there are some VERY hot young men, however, that are pretty nice to look at!

  8. Cady…I think you and the shows producers should read some of the fan’s point of view on this posting in Michael Fairman’s Soap site. Not everyone is gung-ho about more nudity, sex and vulgar language on our soaps. If these kinds a scenes are going to be included, I hope they are few and far between. With a 30-minute show, I would hate to have to FF too much of it. 😉

    1. Well all I can ask is that you keep an open mind. I am not a producer, not do I influence the producers in any way. I’m only an actor with a job to do. That said, I love and appreciate and respect the audience and try to give you my very best always. I hope you will like the show and see all the effort that is going into making it exciting and fun for you, the viewers, and not get hung up on sex. As far as I know, it’s just sexier, not tasteless, and I like that, but that’s just my opinion! I hope you like it too!

  9. Hi Cady,

    I couldn’t agree with you more on sexuality. Folks, rest easy, I know that the ‘net is the biggest repository for sex known to man-I think I’ll plead the fifth as to HOW I know-but we are NOT going to be seeing “porn” on AMC/OLTL. Mama Agnes’ better angels will see to that. Make no mistake, the envelope will be pushed, though-and we just might be better for it

  10. Relax? Hardly, I am really looking forward to seeing the new AMC. I am hoping it is something my wife and I can enjoy together.

  11. I agree I would rather see a love story, too, but I I think people are hopping into bed much too quickly on tv! I am sick of seeing graphic sex scenes (not love making) and my vote goes to seeing a great love story which takes time to build! That’s what makes the stories so great….your anticipation of what’s going to happen and WHEN will it happen makes it so you can’t wait for the next episode. I hate to say that things need to drag on but maybe I’m old and getting more conservative…I would rather see the build up and use your imagination for the rest

  12. I have been watching AMC since I was 10, because my mom did; And Tad was about 12 (ok it wasn’t Michael Knight yet). Back then it was driven by the Martins and the Tylers as well as Spot on Topics of the day; then, Thanks to :Luke & Laura, we had supercouples; and with supercouples, comes love and sex in the the afternoon. then somewhere in the nineties, the soaps had changed more to, vampires and did and evil twins and back from the dead. It needs to go back to the core meaning family AND love and sex in the afternoon. Maybe if ABC would have allowed that to begin with, it never would have been cancelled.

  13. I agree that the nude scenes could take away from the storyline. I do feel that with the show being on the internet will give us a choice to eiher watch or not watch those scenes. I have been hoping that this was going to come about and because of that I will watch. As for nude scenes, I’m a big girl.

    1. Cady does not need to strip to be sexy, she’d be sexy wearing a Christmas tree, or a pair of flip flops…She is both classy and sexy, and there is nothing wrong with leaving a little mystery in tact by not bearing it all.

      Sexy is not what you are wearing or not wearing, it’s who you are, and how you love/treat others, and your self confidence.

  14. Sorry, nudity is a distraction. It takes me out of the moment and I’m just looking at the actors.
    You can have great tv sex and romance without nudity.

    1. I totally respect your opinion! I guess “nudity” is a relative term. Some people think it means “showing more skin than usual” and others think it means “full frontal.” As far as I know, AMC is being very tasteful about their choices. Personally, I feel as long as it is in service to great storytelling, then it is okay. I’ve chosen to stay covered up, myself! But I still think it’s an honor to get to look at a beautiful body, make or female! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  15. Very well said Cady!! I think people are not used to change and it’s about time that they realize it’s not that serious! I love my soap so nudity won’t change that. But, being more daring and embracing human sexuality through expressions of love between two adults shouldn’t be shunned!

  16. Bring the romance back, absolutely. Reduce the numbing terror porn and violence in entertainment? You know it. See Hayward’s butt? I don’t know. (Nothing against VI and his no doubt expressive rear.) I loved the Sookie Stackhouse books. They had plot holes, they were racially problematic, the character motivations were poorly thought out, but man they entertained me. Soaps on paper. I was very excited to see True Blood. Three episodes later I dropped it. Nudity / Sexuality can be used as a filler for more storytelling. In a book I often fast forward through sex. It’s tough to tell it well and it’s so easy to tell it poorly. In a 30 minute show, I don’t know how much room there is to hold my attention and amp up the sex factor. Bad sex is boring, in person or in media. We don’t remember Tad & Dixie for the sheet scenes, we remember the desperate inability to be understood, the casual cruelties, the gleeful joy of the good times. Tad was more powerful in a chicken suit than he would have been in a birthday suit. I’m not at all opposed to making AMC more romantic or being less obsessed with the under the arm sheet tuck, but I do tend to turn away from shows that bore me, and skin I’m not touching bores me. I’ve loved AMC too long not to keep an open mind, though. Trust in Agnes and all that.

  17. I couldn’t agree with you more Cady… television has gotten to violent and it has way too many reality shows. Love in the afternoon or night, whenever you may choose to watch, it what it should all be about. I can’t wait to see what the New AMC and OLTL have to offer us. A little daring nudity, love making and scandalous adventure is fine by me. It’s what makes the world go round and keeps all humans happy

  18. I’m with you, Cady! Bring back the love stories! They were a lot more fun! At my age, I could use a little spice in my life 🙂 Nudity is fine with me as long as it’s done tastefully. Another fun thing about the Internet 🙂

  19. I always laugh about when my daughter was little my hubby had a fit she watched “Big”. The movie showed a lady with a bra on and when she would see a love scene on a soap with me. He however didn’t have an issue with her watching pg13 shoot them up games with blood spirting all over the place, that her big brothers were playing. I don’t get it at all and it still bugs me the way people feel about seeing a love scene vs violence. For me give me a love story over gun toting story

  20. I remember the days when Soap Characters were always falling into bed and passion. The somewhere about 10-15 yrs ago that seemed to change to a point. Love stories seemed to be on the back burner or thrown in as an after thought. It will be interesting to see how this will be different with the relaunch. My hope is that it will evolve enough to show heavier type bodies, short bodies, older bodies etc. getting some loving too. All bodies are beautiful in their own way. This new format is groundbreaking history, lets hope that it is well accepted and handled in a professional way.

  21. Well said! I especially love the part about our overwhelming acceptance of (often gratuitous) violence in our shows/movies, but a knee jerk negative reaction to sexuality! That, to me, has always seemed a peculiar disconnect with reality. For me, soaps have always been so fantastic because they provide a landscape that mirror our own lives. In fact, the very best films and television series serve as a sort of catharsis for the audience to feel and relate to the characters and their struggles. It makes us feel good (understood) to see someone struggling with the same issues or problems, and being a “fly on the wall” as they find ways to work through it… all the while seamlessly learning about ourselves in the process. We all have sex; we all can relate on some level to the exciting journey that you described, where we arrive at that point in a relationship.
    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Sons of Anarchy, which I think is one of the most violent shows on television today. I understand there is a draw to exciting, action-packed, violent shows…but why so many are horrified by a breast or naked behind on TV, I do not understand. I’m so glad you blogged about this, and I hope it makes others consider what exactly is so terrible about portraying sexuality – between consenting adults – openly and honestly. Great topic!!!

  22. Hello Cady!

    I think your text is great! I’ve had the great joy of reading you a couple of times in the last months and I think your writing is always really good, well thought and interesting…Thank you for making this available to us…It’s a real pleasure!

    As for the coming back of All my Children…what a great news! So looking forward to it and I hope so much we’ll see you back in the show!

    So thanks again Cady and I really appreciate everything you do…:-)

    Nathalie from Quebec city, Canada xx

  23. I agree. A few years back OLTL did a juxtaposition of good/bad consequences of teen/sex, one that was that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, in the setting of a committed and loving relationship, the other experience was in a setting of a another committed and loving and later a planned experience, with protection and birth control. About the new soap model: not sure about nudie scenes, as I’d like to watch with my daughter and pass along my love of soaps but she’s not old enough to digest this stuff. I agree when sex is portrayed lovingly and responsibly….it’s GREAT!

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