Lets Talk About Terrorism

Prayers for Martin Richard and his family

It’s here.  We can’t deny it.  9-11 wasn’t just a single, tragic and horrible event.  It was one in a series of events that has been visiting and continues to visit our country.

When I watch the images of the bleeding bodies on the streets of Boston, the photos of women praying on their knees at the blockades, the face of the eight year old child, Martin Richard, that was suddenly and savagely ripped from his parents lives, I feel like I am looking at a war zone.  A war zone in another country, but it’s not another country.  It’s the United States.  Only two hours from where I am shooting All My Children.

I first heard about the bombing from a news app I have on my phone, via the Huffington Post. Then I got a text from my fiancé, Jon, who asked me if I had heard.  Perhaps because I went through 9/11, living only 20 blocks from the towers, I tend not to follow war news too closely because the images are still upsetting, but I had to find out more.  I went to see Darnell and we quietly watched the news videos about it on my iPhone.  I texted my sister to make sure she was okay because she had just been in Boston visiting a friend.  In 2005 she just missed getting on the subway in London that was bombed.  Thank god she and everyone she knew was okay.

Everyone began to gather in the hallways when they had a break to listen to the news on a production assistant’s computer.  We heard they shut down cell service (bombs can now be set off with a cellular device) and knew would cause a lot of distress for the families trying to reach their loved ones.  We felt helpless.

This can happen now anywhere, to anyone.

Who did this?  Why did they do this?  There must be a message that the person who set those bombs is trying to convey or why would they do such a thing?  Bottom line, I imagine they want us to feel pain and fear.  I think they wanted people to suffer.

If it is an American, we need to talk about mental health like never before, as well as access to bomb making material.  If it is someone from another country who is trying to get back at America for perceived aggressions, then we need to talk about homeland security like never before.

I have the strangest feeling that no one is going to take credit for this bomb which could make this even more terrifying, because we will have an invisible enemy.  It’s hard to fight someone you can’t see, and it puts people in a state of fear and panic.  However, we must not allow that person or persons to take our strength from us.

As I watch the news I also see the incredible human spirit.  I see dignity, strength, grace, and resolve.  People who were running and innocent bystanders alike, people who came to Boston from all over the world, Americans and local Bostonians, all drawing on their faith and deepest resources to come to the aid of those in distress.

Terrible things may happen, have happened, will happen.  I think it’s important to remember there are things we can do.  We can comfort those in need, support those who are left without resources  with food and shelter, and not let ourselves be put into a state of fear.  We are strong.  We are resilient.  We will not be cowed by this weak and pathetic act of cowardice.

If you are suffering today, I pray for giant angels come down to wrap their wings around you to give you love and strength.  I pray that Martin Richard and his family and all those who have been hurt or affected by the Boston bombing also be deeply and tenderly comforted, whether by angels, or strangers, or by neighbors.  Because right now, we can all be angels to one another.


12 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Terrorism

  1. Cady:
    Hi Darlin:) I was so mad to see this Happen again in our Nation and I get so frustrated with people who would put petitions online claiming the Innocency of these Animals who would do this to our People.And these people come over get Free Education and continue to live on Welfare.The Range of emotion I had was deep sadness to overwhelming Anger. As we give people a welcome to our Nation and they do this. I often wonder what some of these countries would be like if we didnt send them our Money our Brave Men and Women and our kindness and all they want to do is Hurt Americans.I think for one year cut em all off except for our one true Friend and that is Israel and let them see what life is like without American Money,American Soldiers and American Kindness.And they will all find out were not such Bad people.Love Ya Cady.

  2. We are all praying for the families of those who were killed and for all those who were wounded. It is a shame that there are people out there that have no value on human life.

  3. eloquently stated, cady… i wonder sometimes what i will tell my grandson when he is old enough to question these events… i saw a quote today from mr. rogers (paraphrased): when you see something bad going on, look for the helpers.. there are always people trying to help…. i believe i goodness and i think goodness will always prevail over evil….

  4. Such a nice post Ms. McClain, particularly the last sentence: we can all be angels to one another. Important to remember this.

  5. It’s a deeply disturbing thing, but only new on this continent. I remember hearing about the bombings in Ireland all the time when I was a kid, and in the Middle East and elsewhere for decades already. Now we all know what it is to feel afraid and vulnerable and to lose loved ones before our very eyes. When will people finally learn to just TALK and LISTEN to each other? Patton Oswalt wrote a brilliant message that makes the point that society is mostly good, and evil is embraced only by a minor faction of society. Evil always loses out in the end, but not without damage being done along the way. The end of all of us killing each other simply can’t come soon enough.

    1. I understand your post and your feelngs but there are just horrible and hatefull people out there that just want us dead. They don’t think like we do. They don’t see the good in others. To them because we do not worship the god they worship we should die. I am in no way saying that is who caused the bombings in Boston because I don’t know. I am only saying that this is hpw they think. To me, I believe that praying for someone instead of hating them is the answer.

  6. It’s heartbreaking to see the picture of this beautiful happy little boy Martin Richard knowing he was needlessly & violently taken away from his family like all those poor innocent children in CT. So many other people seriously injured & traumatized….and to what end? My prayers go out to all those victims & their families.

  7. How beautifully written Cady.We all will pray for all the victums in Boston.Seen your You Tube video of the younger cast.Really enjoyed seeing them.Cannot wait for the 29th..

  8. I so agree with everything you said. It is so mind boggling that things like this happen with no thought or compassion for any of the innocent children and adults. I have been shaking my head for hours now wondering what on earth is going on, on my planet. It is so unbelievably sad that any of this is allowed to happen. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families. May god wrap his arms and shower his grace onto all of them.

  9. I’m surprised this type of attack hasn’t happened sooner. I’ve heard many times before that we have to be right 100% of the time. The terrorists, whether they be foreign or domestic, only have to be right once. Evil walks this Earth. We can’t let it paralyze us so much that we can no longer function. Prayers going out to those killed and injured in this horrible event.

  10. I actually live about 20 min. away from Boston, my daughter goes to school there, she called me around 3 and said “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a bomb went off at Copley Plaza, I just want to let you know I’m OK”. She was really shaken up. I talked to her later and she sounded a little better, but she told me she didn’t want to panic me earlier, but she had just walked past the site where it happened just 10 minutes ago. She kept saying “Mom, there were so many little kids there, everyone seemed so happy”. Ugh, it just gave me chills, so awful. So glad she’s safe, but I’m glad she’ll be home in a month.

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