Let’s Talk About the Kids (of All My Children!)

photo by Chapman BaehlerI want to talk about the new young people on All My Children, and why I think (and hope) the audience should give them a chance.  I am not known for blowing smoke up anybodies hoo-ha, right? Let’s just start with that as a baseline for this conversation!

Before you totally freak on me, let me tell you that I TOTALLY understand what happened to AMC during the ‘oughts of 2000-2010. The show lost heart (in my opinion) and it’s way.  Franz and company dominated and upended the show during that time, throwing old favorites into the fire and overwhelming the fans with too many new faces.  I can totally get why someone might say, “Oh please, not again!” or “Stop ruining my show!”

Here is why I think, no scratch that, I KNOW that is NOT going to happen.

First off: lets look at the COMPANY of actors on the list.

On the classic side, there are: Julia Barr (Brooke), Jill Larson (Opal), David Canary (Adam), Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin), Debbie Morgan (Angie), Darnell Williams (Jesse), me (Dixie), Eden Reigal (Bianca), Vincent Irrizary (David), Francesca James (Evelyn), Jordi Vilacuso (Griff), Lindsay Hartley (Cara), and Thorston Kaye (Zack)… that’s THIRTEEN veterans of the show in place from the START, and you can bet there are more to come.

On the newbie side there are: Eric Nelson (AJ, son of JR), Ryan Bittle (JR), Jordan Lane Price (Celia, can’t tell you who she’s related to… YET!), Heather Roop (Jane), Sal Stowers (Cassandra, daughter of Angie and Jesse), Robert Scott Wilson (Pete Cortland, son of Opal and Palmer), and Denyse Tontz (Miranda, daughter of Bianca)… that’s only SEVEN and almost all of them are related to long standing, beloved core characters!

Then lets consider that Agnes Nixon was not allowed to give hardly ANY input when Franzie was running things. He REALLY threw her to the fire!  NOW she is back in FULL FORCE and is totally and completely respected by the new bosses of the show. I have personally heard Jeff Kwatinetz talk about how blown away he is by her and her genius.  Not only that, but Ginger Smith, who was an associate producer under every regime since I started, oh 25 years ago (lets not talk about that number, shall we?) is AT THE HELM.  In all my years, I have never known ANYONE who LOVED and UNDERSTOOD All My Children at it’s CORE like Ginger.  She is the MAIN reason I returned. I love and respect her so much.

Now let me tell you about my experiences with these young people.  I don’t know if you’ve heard me talk about this yet, but you will.  The short version is: when I came to the set the first day, I COULD NOT LEAVE IT.  Even though I wasn’t shooting until the end of the day, I stayed on the set for HOURS.  Guess who sat next to me all that time? Eric Nelsen, who plays “AJ.”

We sat and watched the monitor and I talked to him about the show, it’s history, how to work with cameras, everything that came into my mind on that very special day. He was a total doll, respectful, grateful and attentive. He studied at PCS, aka Professional Children’s School for Actors, and I could tell he is very passionate and committed to his work.  As a child actor myself, we had an instant bond.  Later, I got to watch him do his thing on set. He is totally committed, adorable, and incredibly talented. I can’t speak highly enough of this young man. I totally adore him.

I also got to meet Sal Stowers, “Cassandra,” that day. I had no idea she was the winner of America’s Next Top Model and I am glad I didn’t!  I had no preconceptions when we were introduced. Who I met was a completely respectful and thoughtful young LADY, who was excited to be a part of the show and couldn’t wait to prove herself. I got to hang out with her a little and found her to be totally delightful. She’s funny, kind, sweet, and a vegan! She gave me a little shit about my shearling coat as is an animal activist and I am proud that she did! She was right! I am a bit of a mama bear and told her she needed to be super gentle with herself because this is the hardest job you will ever love. She seemed really grateful for my insights, which I took as a sign of respect. After seeing her work, that respect works both ways, let me tell you!

I also met the adorable Denyse Tontz as “Miranda.”  This little lady is so cute and only SEVENTEEN!  She’s also a singer songwriter, and such a talented, natural actress.  I looked up her VIDEO and it was stuck in my head on a loop.  She’s funny and fun, too!  At the after party on our last night of the two week shoot, she and I danced our BUTTS off with Eric, Sal, Rob, Jordon and the whole production gang. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with her, like everyone else on our show has!

Speaking of dancing, Robert Scott Wilson aka “Pete Cortland” is a dancing machine! We had so much fun that night. I’m going to share with you one thing that happened because I think you will appreciate it. I think it says a lot about his character. After the full funky freakout on the dance floor I pulled him aside and said, “Hey I might have to leave soon, could you do me a favor and look out for the girls?” The club was picking up and the clientele was looking a little too, shall we say, ready for good times. He leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, I think of these girls like they were my sisters. I am totally on it.” I LOVE THAT! He is also a charming actor, and is really going to make a few ladies fall in love with him. He can’t help it, he’s just that kind of guy!

Newcomer Jordan Lane Price, “Celia,” and I got to hang out a bit as well. I met her the day of the big photo shoot at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. She was looking so beautiful in her blue dress, and I told her so. She made a little fun of herself, telling me, “I am totally pulled in by a corset! I believe in normal bodies. I hope they like me!” I assured her she looked amazing and asked her how she felt about the work she had to do the upcoming week.  She confided she was a bit overwhelmed. This is her first job and she was being asked to do a lot of pages, a couple days in a row, which is a LOT for a newbie to handle. So I told her how to do it – how to do what we call “breaking down a script.”  She was genuinely grateful and from what I heard she did an amazing job. I find her incredibly touching. I may have to adopt her.

Then there is Heather Roop as “Jane.” Heather is HILARIOUS and so much fun! She is a southern gal who really knows how to lay it on the line and I LOVE THAT as you probably can guess. We had drinks one night with Lindsay and Sal and DAMN if us girls didn’t know how to get right down to it! We all promised each other we would have each other’s back.  WOMEN GOT TO STICK TOGETHER, right? If WE don’t tell each other how it is, WHO WILL?  Damn, that was a fun evening.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Ryan Bittle as my son “JR.”  How do I put this? Uh… DREAMBOAT?  I got a good looking son, people. WOW.  And he’s really a man’s man. Strong, but with this beautiful secret vulnerability.  Since CBS couldn’t release Jacob Young to do the part of JR, I think we got really lucky with Ryan. He is devoted to understanding the character and giving the audience a great new look at him.  I think you will be as riveted by his work as I clearly am.

One other point, and I made this on my FB page but it bears repeating: All My Children is a show about generations of families. I started as a teenager, as did Julia Barr and Susan Lucci! Even Michael Knight played a teen story with “Tad and Jenny and Angie and Jesse,” remember? Teen love stories are a long standing part of the tradition of soaps. I also want to assure you that because AGNES is back, there is a great balance between the young people and the vets. It all WORKS because it is all woven together in a modern, but CLASSIC way.  Trust me, if I thought it was crap I would NOT be taking time on my DAY OFF to write this blog, or tweeting or FB-ing or all the other stuff I’m up to. I am doing it because I BELIEVE in what is being created. After two shows and 25 damn years in daytime, (cough, gack, did I just say that?) I KNOW what it feels like when a show is in the “sweet spot” and I am telling you, this production is HITTING IT OUT OF THE PARK!

Let’s not turn the soaps into a nostalgia trip. Lord knows, I can’t live up to the past. I can only move forward and try to create something new and authentic for you. Thank god for YouTube, there are hundreds of videos up there with the great shows we once did, so they can keep on giving joy! Maybe one day someone will get smart and put it all on DVD’s for people to own in a higher quality. I sure love seeing them, and I do look back from time to time to ponder my youth and sigh with what we were all able to create as an ensemble… but NOW I am SO EXCITED about the future… it’s simply BLOWING MY MIND.

Okay, really for real, the last thing: I could write a whole ‘nother blog on this point, but let’s just touch on AGISM, shall we? When I was young, I was told I better make it while I was young because there would be nothing for me over 40. Now, thanks to the hard work of a LOT of FABULOUS women, that has totally changed and THANK GOD. But is it me, or does it seem like we are all looking at the kids and giving them a really hard time? The Millennials in particular. Maybe they remind us we ain’t getting any younger, but personally I find them an awesome generation. That’s why I write for policymic.com! I think this generation has so much to share and teach us. I love their VOICE, their liberation, their street savvy, their art.  I say BRING IT!

So hang in there and thanks for listening to all my blah blah!  All My Children will be up on HULU for FREE April 29th at NOON and, please, remember: give the kids a chance!  You might just fall in love with soaps all over again…

Oh and PS: OF COURSE you are allowed your opinion! Free speech, baby! Rock it! Agree, disagree, SAY YOUR PEACE!  I love ya no matter WHAT. Guess I’m just stoopid that way.




92 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Kids (of All My Children!)

  1. Hey Cady,

    So funny, my feelings exactly about the new “kids” and the show!!
    Happy to be able to be there for the kickoff of taping for SAME reasons–
    Our wonderful Ginger, production peeps Carol, Sonya… and of course for all my very favorite ‘Talent’!
    Heart-warming and so fun seeing You, Julia, Jill and the best of the rest of the gang after so may years!! XOX

    Definitely agree- this new group of young’ns are truly impressive as actors and very sweet people.

    Love u and so not surprised that ur writing on policymic!

    (fyi: knew cady when she was the “new kid” 19 yrs old? very talented even then)
    (btw: i wasnt that much older- just sayin’)

  2. Thanks Cady, I look foward to watching you with storylines you deserve, that we all love to see you in. I love this page, my two year old love’s Mirandas song, she was singing it. All My Children should have been all along the Children interacting with their parents and grandparents. I started watching this show with my grandmother, sister’s and neice. My mom would tape it and then she becamed hooked on All My Children since it came after her soap LOVING. I will be watching with my daughters, one of them was named after Melanie, your sister on the show. I hope you will have family and friends surrounding you on the show!

  3. I’m not sure where to watch the new
    AMC. Is HULU a channel that I have to pay extra for? I’ve never heard of it. Someone please help me understand where I will be able to watch AMC. I miss it so much!

  4. I’m so glad I’m going to get to see All My Children and free! I was worried when I saw the price. Thanks for your blog, Cady. I’ve always been a fan of yours. Cant wait until April 29!!! b

  5. I had been watching All My Children for over 40 years, since I was 5 years old. I miss the show terribly and almost every day at 1 pm (time AMC aired) I think, it’s time for All My Children!
    Even c0-workers remember me saying this! I am beyond thrilled the show is coming back & I cant wait!!

  6. Oh, heck yeah, I’ll give the newbies of AMC a chance! They’re part of AMC now, part of the family, so to speak. I was just a kid when AMC first started. I can’t wait until it returns, can’t wait to see all the veterans of the show, & I’ll be watching on-line somewhere. Now if only a certain veteran actor, who is part of the Martin family, who was also aged for story line purposes at one time & who Dixie has been married to several times would return, I’d be really happy. I’ll also be watching OLTL. I love the soaps!

  7. Maybe because it’s reminiscent of the SNL skit Hans and Franz, two big goons and Franz (former) of ABD/Daytime fame being the biggest goon of all.

  8. Hi Caddy,

    I have been watching both AMC and OLTL since I was a teenager.. I am excited to see the vets and welcome the new generation to the soaps.. Once I’ve learned that HULU is where we can view new shows, I had my husband dump Netflex and open up with HULU.. I will be watching and supporting both shows!

  9. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ the new AMC additions! This is so wonderful to have AMC back, especially with Agnes on board. I’ve watched AMC since literally the day I was born 40 years ago (oops, I just outed my age!). I always watched it with my mom, and was so sad when that tradition ended. I just had a baby girl a month ago and now I’m beyond thrilled that the tradition will live!!! Thank you for coming back to us, it’s like a family homecoming. You’ve all got my love and support. Best of luck to you all!

  10. Thanks Cady.. I needed to know about the “newbies” I have watched AMC since day 1 and have old vcr tapes with the show on it when we were gone on vacation or whatever. When the show was cancelled I mourned as if my old friends of generations had all died. I missed you all everyone. Of coarse we have our favorites. I am so happy. I am 70 yrs. young and thought I would never see my one and only SOAP come back to life, You see AMC was my only soap I watched all these years. So my prayers are answered I will once again hear the theme song and hopefully see the book open and I can breathe a LOUD SIGH.. I’m home again in Pine Valley, PA… Thanks again Cady for the update. Nancy

    1. I agree with Nancy soooo much!!! I Started watching at aout 18 years old, I’m now 1 month shy of turning 60. I too felt like my friends had died & were gone!! And some of my relatives too. I was sooo upset!! So now I’m seeing rays of sunshine coming through!!!!! I am sooo excited my show is coming back!!!! I can’t wait!! What a birthday present, I will be 60 on April 27th!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back to us!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will love each & every one of them!!!!!!!

  11. I can’t wait until April 29Th. I am very happy that so many of the old characters are coming back and I hope more of them will return as time goes by. I understand that several were under contracts they could not get out off, that is so understandable.

    As for the new characters we all need to remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Give them a break and I am sure we will fall in love with them all. It won’t be long until they will be “All My Children”.

  12. So happy for the return of AMC! Cant wait to see all the returning actors and looking forward to seeing the new citizens of Pine Valley!

  13. thanks for an update on all the new characters. I think it’s awesome to get to see the little kids we came to know all grown up. I think they will make great story lines. me and my mom will be watching everyday like we have since I was born in 1968 when my mother started watching amc. love ya Cady!!!

  14. Hey Cady (or Dixie as I know you).

    I really love this blog. Since the announcement of the shows returning, I’d always had faith in the shows returning and I know we, the viewers will not be disappointed. I’m 22 now and was a fan of AMC since 7 or 8 (I was really young and mama recorded every show while I was in school, lol.) I’m also grateful that I’m around to be a part of history that’s being made.

    It’s also been a life long dream of mine to pursue acting, but I’ve always been nervous about memorizing the scripts and never really pursued that dream, but I still hope I can do that someday. Any advice?

    One last thing: I LOVE YOU!

  15. The only thing that erks me is that the kids have aged so quickly. Wasn’t AJ only like 6 last time we saw him? And Miranda the same? How old have they magically become now??? That’s the only thing that sort of immediately pushes me away from the new young’ens

  16. I’ve been a fan since the very first episode of All My Children…I cannot wait to watch the new All My Children and become hooked once again. My only question is, “Hulu” episodes? Will we be able to watch at any time of the day? Or do we have to watch it when it airs at 12PM?

  17. im sorry but it wont be all my children without susan lucci and walt willy gotta have them 2 back i just dont think i can watch it without them. we want erica and jack.

  18. I also was/ am a fan of AMC since the late 70’s also..when Ryan’s Hope came up first on
    ABC-TV here in NY( a must see, 100% Irish), then AMC, the OLTL, then GH…
    I admire all the actors past and present, even the newbie’s….The story lines, the fab
    actors paytrayal of the kind, the mean and even the “bitchy”..yes, i also look forward
    to the new chapter of AMC…but no one can replace the “wallingfords, Mona, and Kate Martin!”
    Break a leg to all! Most of all love ya Cady! such a big heart and so talented with your
    voice and acting!

  19. Cady, thank you for your take on the situation of AMC on abc. Believe me when I say that most of us knew that Agnes had been run over and stomped on by “tptb” on the network. We could see it in the storylines. We realized they had a motive for destroying ‘our AMC’. I am really happy for the inside intro of the new actors and characters. Looks like fun. I really do hope for the return of Michael, Susan, Cameron, Rebecca, and Alisha. Since they were the center characters at the time of the show’s “demise”, I can’t see how they can carry on the AMC story without them. No, I haven’t forgot about you. I am so happy you’re back. When you were “dead”, I always felt Tad’s sorrow when he would talk to your star, and pine for what you 2 had. We all did. Thank you again for enlightening us. I feel I can start with a new and hopeful attitude when AMC begins again.

  20. Cady

    Thank you for taking the time to update and inform us about the going ons at the new and improved AMC! I’m thrilled about it’s return and I’m looking forward to seeing fan faves like yourself, and getting to know the new faces of our beloved children of Pine Valley!

    Life is good, we are so lucky to have our soaps back! I’m actually excited about the characters sorasing, and the jump in time. I think it’s a great way to reboot the show! The new cast members sound terrific, I can’t wait to see their work. I’m going in grateful, and with an open mind and heart…bring it! 🙂

  21. Thank you, Cady, for sharing your insights on the new “kids.” There are so few characters on daytime that have not been recast that it surprises me that some fans are upset when we should be rejoicing that our show is coming back. Colby, Bianca, JR, Kendall, Opal and more were recast when the show was on ABC. And, if memory serves, you were not the first Dixie. I’ve been watching since I was in grade school, since Jeff was married to Mary and Anne & Paul Tyler were still on the show and I could not be more thrilled that AMC is back – I’ll take it in whatever form I can get it!

  22. I totally can’t wait for the show to start again and am so grateful to you and all the other cast members who decided to come back. I’ve watched AMC for 36 years and bought my very first VCR to record it when I was at work.

  23. I started watching All my children when it was a half hour long and in black & white! I have been sad when regulars left and over joyed when they came back…change is not always bad! Can’t wait to watch again!

  24. Brava! Your blogs have never disappointed anyone as you tell it as it is. This is no exception! Thanks for the intro for the new kids on AMC. I am so looking forward to watching AMC and OLTL. The naysayers have sorely underestimated the passion of the fans to bring these shows back. Thank you to Prospect Park for bringing them back!

  25. Thank you for the intro! I really wanted to know who the new kids were! I have to be honest…I LOVE the recast of your son. It will be bittersweet not to have Jacob Young, but my Goodness, this guy looks like a Chandler! They aslo did an amazing job with the Miranda and AJ recasts as well. I also wanted to thank you for doing such a great job reaching out to your fans for so long! I can remember when you wrote to us during one of the times when you were cut from the cast again (I think that was what happened), and you were just so up front and honest. It gave me such a respect for you. You are the Bees Knees Cady!

  26. I am going into this with a 100% open mind. if Dallas can blend the young and mature AMC can! I am ordering U-verse just to get Hulu! let it rock on!!

  27. The show is definitely going to be a different but this is not a new thing. Change can be scary but also exciting. Of course it will take a tiny bit to get used to thee characters, many SORAed, but I will! All My Children is about Family. Always has been, and always should be. I am excited!

  28. I will miss Daniel Kennedy so very much as Petey Cortland. he was underused and underappreciated before, and as soon as his name was listed on this reincarnation of AMC, his name was removed. It’s sad to me.

  29. i’ve been a FAN of all my children since 1979. I still have the last week of episodes SAVED. I will be sitting at my TV WATCHING THIS SHOW, and i’m telling U, a phone call from GOD THE ALMIGHTY FATHER isn’t going to get my U know what away from my TV. I missed U guys and cannot wait to be able to see your faces again. Thank you so so much for getting all of this together.

      1. did they replace your and tad daughter kate? i hope they keep her in the script..and can you tell us how you play role in this? since on tv you were killed off etc

    1. More news coming on that. Hold tight! Meanwhile, you can call your Canadian TV station or cable company or Canadian Hulu and request it! Can’t hurt!

  30. I LOVED everything that you said, but I have to tell you that my favorite part was that you were calling Brian Frons, Franz. Was that on purpose? I hope not, b/c it makes it hysterical after how he totally f**ked everyone. It shows how much he is liked and respected after what he did, that people don’t even remember how his name is spelled! Ha! We forgive, but we NEVER forget.

  31. If we are unable to catch the show at noon daily will there be other times throughout the day to catch the episode I truly hope so.

    1. Marjorie,

      With these new options-you can catch AMC when YOU want to-it’ll just be first available on 4/29 at 12 pm edt

  32. I started watching AMC with my grandma and my mom when I was a child…way back when Erica was a teen, then married to Jeff Martin, etc…..So excited about AMC coming back! New characters breath new life and classic characters (whom we’ve all grown to love) and their generations bring a family element that has always been very strong with AMC. All the best to you and the cast as we all head back to Pine Valley together!!

  33. Cady, I agree with you about giving the newbies a chance, they all seem like great people, & I can’t wait to see how everyone interacts! It’s wonderful that we’re even getting AMC & OLTL back & I’m very grateful for that! I’ve followed AMC since it began & will continue to do so. Thank you for keeping in touch with the fans!! Love ya, Cady!!! xo

  34. Rock on, Cady. Thanks for taking the time to fill us in on your day off. I think I speak for all the fans when I say that we love you and trust you implicitly. No worries. We are with you and AMC 100%.

  35. Thanks for the added perspective! It is great to get these behind the scenes tidbits! I look forward to the continuing story from both generations’ perspective! Thanks for including us Cady!

  36. Cady, Thank you for this. The intergenerational nature of soaps is a big part of what makes them so appealing. Under your wing, I have no doubt these young actors will do very well. It was very generous and classy of you to post this. Again, thanks.

  37. Dear Cady,
    Thank you!
    I’m so glad you realize everyone has their own opinion love it or hate it.

    Thank you so much for sharing your very special blog.

    I love All My Children and have for years. All My Children will always hold a special place in my heart.:)

    Thank you so much for writing your blog on your day off. It’s nice that everyone gets a long very well, a sign of good wholesome people who love and respect each other.

    I can’t wait to everyone new or not. 🙂



    1. Dear Cady,
      I think the new actors/actress sound absolutely wonderful and I am so on board with them all. I watched each and every one of their video. Personally I had never seen or heard of them before now.
      And you made a very valid point Cady. I have been watching AMC religiously since 1971(GROAN, did I say 1971!!!! Where the hell has time gone.. GROAN). In fact back in the mid 80’s the main reason we bought our very first VHS machine was so I could record AMC. (NO LIE!!!)I told my husband that I refuse to miss an episode, and that the VHS machine would allow me to leave the house from Noon to One! lolol In fact, I was actually watching AMC in the Recovery Rooms TV after I gave birth to our son! (NO LIE!!! LOLOL)
      Anyway most of the characters were “very young” like Erica, Tara, Tad, Liza, Dixie, Jr, etc etc etc et!!!! . And now they are our much beloved veterans that make AMC. The same will happen with these young people.
      I am so happy beyond belief that AMC is coming back. I will be here at my computer on the 29th at noon. My husband is well aware that he will NOT be on the computer at that time! lollol
      Kristine xoxox

  38. dear Cady,

    Thank you for taking time out this weekend to write to us.

    I am a die hard fan (started watching during the summer of my 13th year) and I will be 47 at the end of the month.

    I have long observed, especially with the introduction of social media that fans are nearly always wary of change. they tend not to like new characters, major plot shifts, or WORST of all, re-casts. Look, for instance, at audience reaction when GH was taken over by Frank Valentini. people freaked out online saying he was going to turn it into a mini OLTL, and they nearly lost their minds when he brought in a few former OLTL cast members.

    fast forward a year later, and the ratings are the highest GH has had in years (my 14 year old daughter told me the other day that kids in her school are DVR’ing it and talking about it at school!) and the very possibility of losing the three OLTL cast members had them up in arms! a year later, they belong to the hearts and minds of GH fans.

    I have long watched AMC, OLTL, and GH, and in all cases, SORAS occurred regularly to push the story lines along. I firm
    y believe all these child characters would have been brought forward in age soon even if they had stayed on ABC. multi-generationalism is a fact of soaps. some of my favorite all time stories were teen driven (Liza/Tad, Greg/Jenny, and who could forget the stories of Bianca Montgomery as she came to terms with herself).

    I have NO worries at all about the newer cast members. woven into the stories, I am quite certain we, the fans, will soon be calling them our own, just as we always have.

    I am thrilled that people who WANT our soaps have taken over and I look forward, more than I can adequately express here, to April 29.

    again, thank you for your thoughtful blog and insights!

  39. Thank you for this blog article! I never got the chance to enjoy AMC while it was still on ABCD. I will be tuning into the online reboot though. While some may be weary of the new cast (only 7 as you pointed out) I find them refreshing and welcoming. I started watching soaps in the late ‘80s when I was still in grade school. I remember as a tween, teenager, and college student having young 20 somethings on these shows that I actually cared about. Their stories were well written and the actors were energetic and talented. These characters were popular for all generation of viewers. My mother was as interested in Jennifer and Frankie’s story line on Days of Our Lives as I was.

    I think unfortunately do to the mishandling of these shows during the ‘00s-present, the younger generation of soap characters has gotten a bad rap. It seems young inexperience actors were given poor story line and little guidance. As a result soap fans have a sort of Pavlov’s Bell reaction whenever a new young character is introduced and automatically dislike the character. My hope is that soaps are on the way to fixing this and I think AMC is making the right move in that direction.

  40. I think a lot of the reluctance for new, young actors is because the last few years of AMC we had so many new characters that never developed into a good story line or into any one that we could care about. I always thought they should have developed the Colby Chandler and Petey Cortlandt relationship. That could have been great! What happened to Tad’s son Damian? They never allowed the new characters to develop. I trust Agnes to get it right.

  41. Words cannot describe how excited I am. The haters are always there no matter what and are in the minority. Cannot get rid of them. I watched AMC since day 1 and can hardly wait to see it again. By the way, I am not that young and can hardly wait to see the next generation.

  42. Thanks for telling it like it ought to be, Cady! When I started watching AMC, Tara, Phil and Chuck seemed old to me! In my 30’s, watching the stories of Greg and Jenny, Angie and Jesse, and Dixie and Tad unfold were as riveting to me as the adventures of (now adult) characters of Brooke and Erica were. It’s because the storytelling was so damn good, and the promise of a well told multi-generational saga was being fulfilled. That’s what I’m looking for again, and if the stories surrounding the new young people are as good as those from the “golden age” of AMC – and if I get to watch strong actors play multi-faceted characters – then I will be more than satisfied. Thanks to you and every other beloved veteran who’s beginning this new venture for bringing your “stamp of approval” to AMC: The Next Generation with your presence and talent.

  43. As an ALL MY CHILDREN lifer I am just happy to have it back into production. New characters, old characters,I AM SO READY!

  44. Fantastic blog, and your right you don’t have to use your time to Tweet, Blog, Post etc.. for and about the soap genre but you do so because you actually care about it and us regular folks, I really can’t express how much I appreciate all that you do all I can say is thank you. I want the soap genre to survive and with passionate people like the fans and soap actors / writers it will. I look forward to seeing the young actors work.

  45. The sad fact is there’s definitely a contingent of the soap audience that is completely unwilling to accept the evolution or growth of these shows in any form. They want to see the same people in the same stories over and over again and they simply refuse to accept any fresh blood or growth. It’s an unfortunate side effect to what Frons and his ilk did to these shows.

    Some of that is a testament to the talent of the people who’ve worked on these shows. After all when you’ve had a chance to see people like David Canary or Debbi Morgan on your screen every day, of course you want to watch them forever. Sometimes I look back at clips of Palmer or Phoebe and I’m almost ashamed of myself for not fully appreciating the talent of those actors when they were alive.

    So many of my current faves were once “newbies” and I have continued to be fans of theirs even once they left the soaps (see: Michael B. Jordan and/or Amanda Seyfried). I’m looking forward to that moment when I watch one of these kids knock a scene out of the park and I realize that I’m witnessing an amazing new actor come into their own.

    Ms. Cady, you and I are the same age so the next time you extricate yourself from your rocking chair and put your teeth in *wink* please let your your young co-workers know that there are plenty of us old folks out here looking forward to seeing what they have to offer and wishing them nothing the best.

    1. Marceline,

      I don’t think it’s so much what Der Fuhrer Frons did to these shows, or the kids themselves-it’s that people wanted a satisfactory ending to the ABC cliffhanger; and for real-life reasons-it appears that that’s not in the cards for now. And, unfortunately, folks are taking out their fear/anger on the kids.

      That being said, Cady, I am thrilled that you are taking the kids under your wing. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Everyone just needs to relax…

  46. i am just so grateful that amc is back & anyone that is a true fan feels the same way – all the negative comments i have read on several message boards are coming from people who are not true fans……………..i watched amc from day one and i can’t wait to see what is going on in pine valley when it comes online next month.

  47. It’s that photo, Cady. It looks like the newbies live in a bordello. Big mistake to put out ONLY that pic. Not the way to grab most veteran AMC FANS.

  48. I am happy that you all have jobs again, and glad AMC and OLTL are moving forward. But, I am pretty done. Is there any resolution to the last episode that was shown for AMC? That was definitely the worst finale ever.

  49. I’m so happy All My Children and One Life to Live are returning. I don’t know if people know how lucky fans are with these shows coming back. I’ve watched since I was 10, and have really missed them. Online networks are the future. I welcome the fan favorites and the new. We have our shows back!

  50. Rock on All My Children! I, for one am so excited to see my old friends and making some new ones. These people were my ‘best friends’ when I was first married in 1970. I am so thrilled that my ‘friends are coming back. Yeah yeah, I know a little over the top but I am what I am!!!

  51. Looking forward to it! It sounds like a great mix of familiar and new faces, and the new kids seem to be cast with care and thoughtfulness. I’m happy for them, and glad they get to learn the ropes from a group of professionals who really care about each other and their craft. Can’t wait!

  52. You have said what many of us have told those complaining fans! AMC has always been about the many generations of family and friends; as have many soaps. I am excited to see what this ‘new’ All My Children (and One Life to Live also) has to offer. I look forward to meeting new talent as well as catching up with the “old” talent. 😉

  53. Tying the new characters and actors to established characters/actors is smart soap opera. I am not a bit uneasy about the new faces. I trust Agnes and Ginger. I also respect the co head writers. I am ready for AMC’s debut!

  54. I am so excited for the return.Sure we’d love to have everyone back but we know its a process and some have went to other projects.Be waiting for the premeire with bells on..

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