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Jon and I are very excited to start our first day at the Macon Film Festival with our, well, HIS film How We Got Away With It. I can say “our” because I am officially an associate producer on the film. How did I get that title? Well, it’s an odd one, but it basically means I was the mother behind the machine. I lived with this film since Jon decided to make it happen, night and day, and helped with any and all details, from the sublime (like talking about the meaning and purpose of the film) to the ridiculous (I put stickers on postcards last night)!

Today we are going to be interviewed by the local ABC/FOX affiliate about the film and our involvement in the festival. Jon’s two short films were both accepted at MAGA in recent years, so we feel like we are officially a part of the Macon Film Fest family! It’s a really cool festival, one that we feel really captures the pure spirit of Independent Film Making.

Our screening today is at 4:15PM at 567 Center for Renewal. We hope if you are in the area you might consider taking 90 minutes out of your day to come see it. Jon will be taking questions afterwords if you would like to hang out and say hi.

Macon FF1 copy

Later, we will be attending the screening of Crystal Chappel’s “The Grove” at The Cox Capital Theater at 8PM, after which I will be a part of a Q and A panel to discuss how she created this latest project and her thoughts on Internet serials.

Here we are with one of the heads of the festival, Terrell Sandefur.  Check out the festival on Facebook!





3 thoughts on “Macon Film Festival

  1. Very exciting, Cady!!! I hope I’ll be able to see “your” film sometime soon. I’m an associate producer on a film also, it’s a thriller called “Billy’s Cult”….it has been making the rounds at film fests & a theatre screening in NJ & has a NYC theatre premiere in a couple weeks. The film has also won a few awards. I wish you & Jon the best of luck with “How We Got Away With It” 🙂

  2. So happy for you and Jon and the film. My son is an independent filmmaker also and I love helping by being an “associate producer.” I know just what you mean. Last film I was wardrobe and craft services – haha! I told him about the Macon festival and hope we get to be there one day. I’m so proud of him. Best of luck to you both!

  3. Dearest Dixie: My greatest congradulations to you and Jon. I am so proud of you and your work as well. You inspire people and it shows in all you do. Always be proud of your accomplishments and the wonderful work you do. I am so proud to be your fan and friend as well. I cherish our friendship. I can’t wait to see you online on AMC. It’s like a new life coming back and I am so thrilled. You and Tad will be great working together again. Have a great weekend and God bless you always in all you do. With Love, your friend and fan Carle Wells!

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