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My Interview with Entertainment Tonight

I am so pleased to be able to share some of my story with the broader public via the generosity of the people at ET and the warmth and kindness of Cameron Matthison.  If you missed the interview on air, here it is in it’s longer version.


7 thoughts on “My Interview with Entertainment Tonight

  1. powerful interview i hope women who have suffered as you do can learn there is a way out … as you did

  2. Totally wonderful interview and I enjoyed it so very much. Wow, God bless you in how you coped with all that you have endured and for your gracious honesty. You are one extremely strong individual and I only wish the best for you in the future! Looking forward to reading your book. Love, Loretta

    1. Hello Dearest Cady: I just watched watched your clip or interview with Cameron. I have to say that I am so proud of you. Your courage, strength and your love. I too, was born in an alcoholic family. I have seen so many bad things and life was so tough growing up. One day after my Father and Mother split up for good, my Father came to our house posing as someone else. My mom was out with her friends having a fun time but she drank as well. My Father lied to our baby sittet that night. When she opened the door my father forced his way in. I got up around midnight or so as I had to go to empty my bladder. My Father was at the kitchen table with a pistol on the table a bottle of something and he offered me the gun. I had an older brother Richard who slept in the kitchen on an army cot. Richard told me to go to the bathroom and to get back to bed. So I did. A little while later there was comosion in the hall. It was my mom returning home. When she came in the door my dad took her by surprise. They were in the kitchen and in just a few minutes I heard 3 quick gun shots. Then right in front of my bedroom door. I slammed my bedroom door and hid under my bed. A little while while went by an there was a knock on my bedroom door. It was the police to escort me to our neighbors house. When my dad shot at my mom in the living room right next to my bedroom, one of the bullets hit my younger brother. The bullet went through his back and came out his chest. When I passed bu my brother all I could see was blood everywhere. My dad caught my mother in the hall way and pistil whipped her in the head. She had to have so many stitches in her head. Later the next morning my Mother came to our neighbors to take us back home. She sad she was o.k. but very sore. One can only guess. She told us that Joel my younger brother made it through the surgery but was going to be o.k. We all sat around and prayed for his recovery. I could never forgive my father for that even till the day we buried him. I could go on and on but not right now. My Father hurt all of us in different ways. That enough about me and my family. So Cady thanks for your courage and support as your recovery helps me to recover. I am so happy for you and John. I send you both my love and I pray that God will bless the two you in a very happy marriage and much success and happiness in life. May the love and grace of God be with all of us today, ans everyday forevermore. All my love, your fan and friend always, Carle Wells!

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