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New Webpage for “Flip Fantasia”

Posted on: July 22, 2013

Sheik Keeps it Warm and RunnyHey there.  So just in case you thought I was just sitting around on my ass counting my crows feet, here is the website for my short film, “Flip Fantasia.” Yep, I built it myself using the handy dandy WIX site.

My ass is almost exactly three feet wide, but the film is getting done, the website is done, and soon we will have it ready for you to see. I am thinking it won’t be until early or mid-September, because August is usually hot and people are at the beach or on vacation so that seemed like the best time.  No promises, but that’s a-what I’m-a thinking.

And in more news: almost 400 likes on our Facebook page!  That’s super awesome!  Thank you!

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