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Prepping for a Photo Shoot Day 1

Posted on: February 2, 2013

So I decided to create a new photo shoot for myself.  I know, it sounds so vain, right? But I am a big believer in the power of the image, and how we really need to take control of how we want to be seen.  The first step is to sit back and think about WHO we are, WHO we would LIKE to be, and what is blocking us from becoming THAT FABULOUS.

One of my main blocks is my fear of other’s jealousy/judgement. I have been through hell and back, like many people have been through hell and back. I have worked my ass off, like many people have. I have paid my dues and then some, like other’s have. Why are people sometimes so mean to me? Why do I f-ing care?

I have to make a pledge to myself that I am going to give up control of what other people might think or say about me. I am not trying to take anything away from anybody else. I am trying to create something beautiful and inspiring by using myself and my life as my canvas. Sure, there will be haters, but what am I gonna do? NOT be fabulous? Stay in my house and wear my bathrobe all day? Become a bitter bitch with a chip on her shoulder? To hell with THAT.

I’m sure some people are wondering, “Why doesn’t she just shut up and be an actress/Barbie and be grateful?” Well, the fact is: I just can’t. I did that for years as a child actor and it crushed my soul. I am a person with ideas. I like to share them. So sue me.

Because I am almost done with my book, and I KNOW I am going to release it this year, I want to have some pictures of myself as a grown woman who is proud of herself. Images that reflect what I believe about women these days, and myself in particular.

This is what I want others to see when they look at these pictures:

~ a very strong, grown woman who has fought to retain her femininity.

~ a woman with a sense of humor about herself.

~ a woman with no shame about her sexual nature.

~ a woman who has NOT cut off her big nose to spite her face.

~ A REAL, over-40 woman who you couldn’t pay to be 20 again.

~ a woman who is not trying to be a reflection of a man’s fantasy.

My hope is that when other women, both young and old, see these pictures and read my book, they will think: I CAN DO THIS, TOO. I want other women to know that no matter what they have been through, no matter how awful, that they can still FEEL BEAUTIFUL and WORTHY and GOOD about themselves.

Because the bottom line is when WE feel good about ourselves, we are able to have the strength to build a more beautiful world – both for ourselves, and others.

And what’s wrong with that?


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