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Drinking Your Summer Dessert (yum!)

Posted on: May 29, 2012

I’m not the greatest chef in the world, but I don’t suck either.  One tip I like to use happens to be one of Julia Child’s favorites, or at least I think it was.  Booze.  Adding booze to just about any dish makes it so much better.  A lot better, in my opinion.

This recipe is for a really simple summer dish called Strawberries on Angel Food Cake.  Ya still with me or are you like, “Uh, duh?”

1) Cut a box of  strawberries up, add about a half a cup of sugar.  Slop that around in da bowl.

2) Buy a Bavarian angel food cake, the kind that is low and flat, not high like a hat.  Take it out of the container and stuff into a pie dish.  (Yeah, it’s gonna break at the bottom but who cares?  No one is going to notice, they will be too busy stuffing their maw.)

3) Pour the bowl of sugared strawberries on top of the angel food cake.  (Wow, this is almost stupid it’s so easy!)  I also like to squeeze a TINY bit of lemon on the strawberries for a little zing, but that’s just me.  Totally optional.

4) Here’s the fun part.  Take some RUM and putting two fingers over the opening of the bottle, shake the Rum all over the strawberries and the angel food cake.  (Now you like me, don’t you?)

5) Stick in the fridge until it’s time to eat it, then take out a slightly softened canister of low-fat vanilla ice cream (who said I don’t care about your waist line?) and scoop it in long flat sections if you can.  If you can’t, dump the whole container into a bowl and slice sections with a knife, then place them on top of the strawberries.  (I can’t show you a picture because I just made this part and am waiting for Himself to come home so I can do the rest.)

6) Add more rum on top of the ice cream.  Mmmm.  Lick yo fingas.

7)  Using either Redi-whip or Cool Whip (or handmade whip cream if that’s your thing but I simply can’t be bothered with all that work), cover the whole pie with whipped cream.  Then cover the body of your loved one with whipped cream and drink the rum and see what happens.   Whoops!  Did I just say that?

8) FINALLY: top the whipped cream with pieces of mint and MORE RUM.

If you don’t have super sexy good times tonight, don’t say I didn’t do everything in my power to help you.  It’s not my fault.

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