Suzy Fcking Homemaker and Joe Manganiello

Check out my Aunt Suzy’s latest video on YouTube!  Also check out my latest article on star of “True Blood” and “Magic Mike,” Joe Manganiello.


2 thoughts on “Suzy Fcking Homemaker and Joe Manganiello

  1. Hey Matthew! Thanks for posting on here. I think you are a really talented writer, so please don’t give up hope. Just keep sloggin’ away and being TRUE TO YOURSELF and what YOU think. That is EVERYTHING. Glad you enjoyed the article and my crazy Aunt Suzy.

  2. “The black guy is very boring, and the white guy just wants to make everybody happy.” LOL! Well put!

    Your article on Joe Manganiello was the third I’ve read today that either directly or indirectly deals with something about “Magic Mike” (there are like eighteen blogs that I check every few days, the consequence of befriending way too many bloggers). While I haven’t seen the movie, the attention it’s been getting makes me think it’s on its way to becoming a cult classic. Always interesting how that sort of thing starts to happen. Anyway, I took a lot of heart in your article. As an aspiring playwright who has only had one big break, and that back in 2009, it’s easy to get discouraged about making it in the entertainment industry, so I find it comforting to think that if you’re talented, you can eventually pull through as long as you “work just a little bit harder than the other guy.” 🙂

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