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Posted on: August 25, 2013

Poster art by Dylan PierpontAs you may or may not know, I have finally completed post-production on “Flip Fantasia,” my short film that I wrote, produced, and directed.  I am so lucky that the MORE show has done some great promotion of the film, sharing some behind the scenes moments with all of you.  Now I want to share with you where I am at with releasing it into the world.

I was strongly encouraged to submit this film to film festivals, even though I refused to even consider this option while I was making the film.  I didn’t want to allow my creative process to be influenced in the slightest by the idea of what others might want or expect from a short film.  I feel like if you listen to all the “should’s” and “must’s” you can totally end up freezing your creative impulse.

However once the bloody thing was finished, I felt it was time to perhaps test the waters, so to speak, and put it out there to festivals.  I know that the festival audiences are really wonderful, true supporters of independent works of art, and that part of it I feel is really worthy.  I also know there is a business side to it, where you can meet like minded people, form relationships, and even perhaps find future funding for the next project.  So I am letting a little bit of time pass while I await hearing back from these festivals.

Therefore, I have only shared the finished film with some trusted friends and colleagues, and of course with the cast and crew.  What is AWESOME has been the response.  Here are some of them:

“Like Kafka mixed with Weekend at Bernie’s

“It’s darkly twisted and hilarious… My kind of movie!”

“Its beyond all my expectations and hopes and down inside, it matters.”

“It’s so beautifully, professionally, very creatively produced!”

“Great music, great visualizations…”

“I totally dig the way all the music fits the film and the actors did a wonderful job.”

“You’re even more twisted than I thought…..I LOVE IT!!!!”

I am so happy that these folk are “getting” the film and I hope that you will too!  Thanks for staying in touch and interested in the process.  As soon as I have more news about the next step, you KNOW I am going to be sharing it with you!

MEANWHILE, check out a little Suzy Fcking Homemaker on TOLN, where she interviews Thorsten Kaye from All My Children.  Yes, I am completely f-ing nuts.

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