The Young and The Restless: Day One

The Young and the RestlessWhere to begin… let’s start with how INCREDIBLY LUCKY I feel to have been asked to come and work on this amazing show.  The people are so nice, the sets are awesome, the writing is fantastic… I could go on and on…

I got up at 5:30 AM this morning (yowsa!) and after my new routine of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning (really, don’t knock it ’till you try it) I drove to CBS Television City, which is right next to The Grove.  (When I was a kid it was only the Farmers Market.  Now when I say that people ask “Which one?” as if I mean an outdoor fruit and vegetable market!)  I drove into the Fairfax entrance and got my parking pass from the guard pinching myself to make sure it was all real.

Then I found my way up to the hair and makeup room where the lovely and talented Kathy Jones graced me with a face for television.  The first person I can remember (hello, no caffeine) coming up to me is Amelia Heinle, who was on All My Kids but also on Loving back in the day.  The Loving studio was right across the hall from AMC, so we got to see a lot of one another for a few years, waving across a crowded hallway!

Well, as you might have imagined, she was absolutely lovely.  It was so nice to see her.  I know she’s playing “Victoria,” “Billy’s” wife (for you who have not yet tuned in to the glories of Y&R my character, “Kelly,” had a one night stand with “Billy” and screwed up their marriage) so she and I will get to glare at each other now and then… or rather, she will glare and me and I will cower appropriately.

Then I met the delightful David Tom, who is the brother of Heather Tom and such a nice guy.  Of course we laughed at his character’s terrible luck these days!

Suddenly, Peter Bergman flew into the dressing room and said, “Cady McClain!” swooping in to give me two big smooches! (Friendly ones, of course!) It was SO nice to see him after all these years… I think the last time was in 2004, when I was in Los Angeles for something-or-other.  I reminded him what he said to me then.

“Cady McClain!  You always land on your feet!”

I just loved that.  Never forgot it.

We were soon all called down to the set to get dry blocking.  The director today was Casey Childs, from All My Children.  We knocked out his excellent blocking in a jiffy… and oh, I also got to see Kristoff St. John, who I have run into 100 times at various events, ever since we were kids… you know, back when the earth was cooling.  SUCH a nice guy.  He likes to give a lot of razz to one of the stage managers, Herbie, who is as cute as his name.

Peter was nice enough to fill me in on some of the details of “Kelly” and “Jack’s” history.  I knew a fair amount from the producers and writers, but those little details that can only come from a fellow actor were so helpful.  Then I had to tromp back up to hair and makeup to get my hair more fabulous, and then to my dressing room where, voila, my costume was awaiting me.

Back at AMC and ATWT (As the World Turns) we always had to pick up and return our costumes so I gotta say, I was feeling pretty damn fancy.

After I was all dolled up, Peter and I had some time to do some catching up about old pals we both knew and remembered fondly, as well as the wonderful examples actors like David Canary and James Mitchell set for us. We both felt so lucky to experience those golden days.

Soon we were called down to the set and I got an RF mike, which is a microphone that is attached to your body via a wire.  It really helps when you are deep in a set where the booms (microphones on a long pole attached to a stand) can’t reach you.  We had a very nice dress rehearsal and then some notes and then recorded our scenes for you all to watch!  I don’t want to tell you too much about this process, but let’s just say it is GREAT to work with PETER and DAVID!  Such PROS!  I LOVE THAT!

Oh and they did a really nice thing for me: the stage manager announced my name to everyone and they all applauded to welcome me to the show.  I mean, seriously.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had that!  WOW.

I had fun, what can I say?  It felt soooo good to be acting again. Sometimes acting can be exhausting, but I don’t think that’s going to happen here.  I think this is going to be a very fulfilling experience. I am so looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Thank you so much for the lovely and supportive comments on Twitter and FB.  You really lifted me up today, and I appreciate that so much.



40 thoughts on “The Young and The Restless: Day One

  1. I am so happy you are on Y&R I really enjoy your blog especially your inspiration the ACOA really touched my heart I needed to read that thank you!

  2. Love you Caty! You will add more to this show! I watched your first days on All my childen and have seen ALL your work, and know you are the best no madder what show you are in! Congrats and Love to you Katy know you will not need luck because I know God is on your side girl!

  3. So glad you had such a good first day…I have tried watching,but just hasn’t been the same.I am sure everyone can sympathize with not knowing everyone’s back on AMC from watching a lifetime.But now Cady,you have given me a great reason to give Y&R another chance! I am also glad you are landing on your feet once again..Congrats on everything and can ya send some of that good luck North Carolina? Looking forward to the book too! Just signed up for pre order!

  4. Hi Cady and Welcome back to Daytime TV…
    Please tell the writers at YNR that we are BORED and need some ACTION…Hopefully you will bring the SPARK YNR needs.
    Loved you in ATWT…So Glad to See you back…

  5. Hi Cadie, we’re thrilled you’ve landed on your feet once more. We watched AMC for thirty some years and grieved when we lost it. We haven’t watched a soap since but in honour of and joy at your return, we just might tune in for another thirty years. Congrats!!

  6. Cady!! Can’t wait to see you on Y&R as Kelly!!! 🙂 Loved you on ATWT, was a huge Craig/Rosanne fan!! guess you were too eh LOL!! 🙂 Now I’m looking forward to Jack/Kelly!! You go girl!!!

  7. So excited to see you on Y&R! I am a CBS Soaps girl, and Rosanna was my favorite female character on ATWT. I can’t wait to see you as Kelly!

  8. Cady, I’m so excited and happy for you with regard to all the wonderful things that have been happening in your life of late. Your film and all the wonderful buzz it’s been receiving, getting cast on Y&R and, of course, your marriage to Jon. Congratulations on it all, you deserve it! I’ve recently started watching Y&R and look forward to seeing you on the show.

    1. Cady I know exactly where the Farmers Market is, my mother took me there as a child. It was a great place back in the 50’s. I so wish we still had AMC I watched it since it started. I also miss all of the old timers and you and MEK. I feel like I lost and old and dear friend after all these years. We really feel robbed. I never watched Y&R but if you are on it then I will. Although it will be hard knowing you aren’t Dixie. My best to you and may I say you never get any older, NEVER. You are just as beautiful as you were when you first appeared on AMC.

  9. So happy to see you are coming to Y&R. I was a big fan of yours on AMC which I watched for many years and in fact stopped watching cold when they killed Dixie off via poison pancakes.I was so angry it was the last straw. That’s when I started watching Y&R. I’m looking forward to seeing you as Kelly.

  10. Cady, thanks so much for letting us in on all the details of your first day. It is so exciting. I have been watching Y&R for about 3 years (all those former AMC folks brought me to it) and I cannot be more excited about you joining the group. It’s nice to hear how welcoming everyone was to you. I can’t watch until you are on the tube.

  11. Thanks for sharing your first day experience at Y&R, Cady…..sounds like you’ll be right at home there! It will be awesome to see you on the show & especially acting alongside Peter Bergman….I met him years ago when he was on AMC, he’s such a great guy. Best of everything to you, Cady <3

  12. Congratulations!
    Now that you’re on Y&R I’ll be tuning back in. We’ve all missed you, and appreciate the chance to see you in action again!

  13. Sounds like you had a fantastic first day and I’m so happy for you that you’re enjoying it (so far) and feeling appreciated and loved – as you should always! Not that I’m biased (who me?) but I think you will take Kelly to a great place and a much more nuanced and interesting place. From what I’ve seen of Y&R so far (hello, other AMC actors I’ve been watching forever!) it’s good and I like the way they’re playing Jack and Kelly. She’s too needy with Billy, but she gives it back to Jack in spades. Much more interesting to watch! I think last week was when they had lunch and he bribed her to leave town, but he admires her. Love it! I hope the Y&R fans love you!

  14. Cady McClain,

    I haven’t heard you so excited about Anything in a long time. I’m happy for you!! I’m excited that you’re doing something you’ve always done and felt at home doing– Acting! I love that you are in love and still in awe with the process. Thanks for sharing your Day with me!

    * Remember when you wrote on your blog years ago….”The Young and the Rest of Us”? Yes, I’ve been following you and your writings and your Work for many years now. Your success is my good fortune, because it means more great and happy blogs: )

  15. Glad you were able to find another home. May you find happiness, fullfilment and whatever your heart desires. Still miss you on the old show.

  16. oh, my gosh! i can’t wait! i have missed seeing you so much, and i can’t wait to see you back on television!! i’m glad they made you feel so special (you are, you ARE!) and oh boy!!!! i am watching shows i’ve never watched before and to see familiar faces is so wonderful!!! congratulations on the gig!! (i’m excited, can you tell??? ) 🙂

  17. Hello Dixie: I am always things of you as Dixie as you played her for so long on AMC. I will watch your first air date on April 16th on the Young and Restless. Best of luck to you on your new show. I usually don’t watch that show but now I will because I love you for your acting and being so kind by sending me an autographed picture you sent me. I have it on my computer stand. I wish you all the success in the world and I congradulate you on you and Jon getting married. Your loving fan and friend always. Carle Wells!

  18. Cady, I am beyond excited for you and no one deserves this more than you do. For all that you do for the soap opera genre and the fans. Congratulations on your first day and here is hoping “Kelly” will stick around Genoa City for many years to come!

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