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Watch “Flip Fantasia” Now… for Free!

Posted on: September 18, 2013
Here I am with DP Alex di Suvero, and AC Nikita Carpenter in SOHO, NYC.

Here I am with DP Alex di Suvero, and AC Nikita Carpenter in SOHO, NYC.

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and debut my short film, “Flip Fantasia” on VIMEO.  It’s taken a lot of hemming and hawing to make this choice, a lot of listening to experts and not listening to people who say they are experts.  Frankly, there is simply no “right” way to share a short film.  These are the facts I had to consider:

1) I am a first time director with NO record of this kind of visual work except a play I wrote and produced in the late ’90’s.  Although I write and paint and make music, I never went to film school, nor do I have any “connections” in the film business.

2) Film Festivals have become notoriously difficult to get into because there are so many films being made now.  Some of these festivals are now saying that they FIND their short films online.  Others don’t want to show a film that is available online.

3) I want to share with people who have supported my work over the years and have connected with me online.  The longer I wait to share with you, the more the film becomes irrelevant, “yesterday’s news” so to speak.

4) I am about to make another film and I want people to KNOW…. I can do this.


THANK YOU for watching.

Warning: this film is about urban youth and therefore contains harsh language and adult situations.  It is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.




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