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Week One Back at AMC

Posted on: May 15, 2011

(note: I am not wearing any makeup in this photo. What was I thinking!)

I will not lie that I had just s smidge of anticipation (uh- ANXIETY) over returning to AMC. Lord knows, it was no small moment when I was asked to return! However, thanks to the lovely ladies at I had an amazing gift waiting for me: roses and chocolate covered peanut butter bananas! LOL! I ate them greedily with a little help from Michael Knight (Tad) and Patrick Stuart (ex-Will #2). It was a nice way to start my first work day. So much love.

The production staff, cast and crew could also not have been nicer. Julie C. has been lovely every step of the way, as have all the actors.

It feels good to be working again, I cannot lie. I really enjoy the interaction with the crew and the director, and look forward to more! I’ve really only dipped my toe in, but it feels like a whole lot of stuff has dropped off my shoulders and I am ready to begin again to act and give what must be given to make the scenes as good as they can be.

Perhaps this makes no sense to anyone but those who have really followed my blog for the past few years. To make it brief, I have been through a lot. “Seen some days” so to speak. But I have managed to rally myself and find new inspiration in other forms of expression, to rest and rediscover myself by looking inward so I could know what really moved me and what really mattered to me. I have grown as a person, and I am so glad that I had the time to do that. I feel like what I should be at my age “old enough to know better, young enough not to care!”

Yes, I start airing really soon! May 17th is the first day, followed by (I think) June 3rd, then June 17th, June 27st, 29th and July 1st. That’s all I know now! Fun stuff… worth catching, I think! IMO Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon at the helm are too good to miss for one day!

Meanwhile, I can also share that I was formally accepted into The New School, where I have been taking classes on and off for a while. Hopefully I will finish my BA by the time I’m 50. LOL!

Thanks again so much for all your messages of encouragement. They have meant a lot!

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