Welcome Leah Meyerhoff!

I am thrilled to announce that filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff has joined the team of “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” as an Executive Producer!


Leah  Meyerhoff  is  an  award  winning  filmmaker  whose  debut  narrative  feature film “I  BELIEVE  IN  UNICORNS” was  released  theatrically  in  2015  after  premiering  at  SXSW,  winning  the  Grand  Jury  Prize  at  the  Atlanta  Film  Festival  and  additional  awards  from  Woodstock Film Festival,  Nashville  Film  Festival,  First  Time  Fest,
Tribeca  Film  Institute,  IFP,  NYU  and  the  Adrienne  Shelly  Foundation. Meyerhoff’s  previous  work  has  screened  in  over  200  film  festivals  and  aired  on  IFC,  PBS,  LOGO  and  MTV.    She  is  a  fellow  of  the  IFP  Emerging  Narrative  Labs,  IFP  Narrative  Finishing  Labs,  Tribeca  All  Access  Labs,  and  the  Emerging  Visions program  at  the  New  York  Film  Festival. Meyerhoff  is  also  the  founder  of  Film  Fatales,  a  female  filmmaker organization based  in  New  York  with  dozens  of local  chapters  around  the  world. She  holds  a  BA  in  Art Semiotics  from  Brown  University  and  an  MFA  in  Directing  from  NYU’s  Tisch  School  of  the  Arts.
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Or check out her website here: leahmeyerhoff.com

3 thoughts on “Welcome Leah Meyerhoff!

  1. Hello and a big welcome to you Leah Meyerhoff! Cady is a very pleasant producer and a great actress. I adore her so much with all her talent and her pleasantness. She is always kind and is helpful to so many for what she has overcome. It would be foolish of me to not say she is my number one star of all soaps. I am sure that you leah and Cady can go so far working together. I give you my full support and God bless you and Cady today and everyday forevermore. All my love, Carle Peter Wells!

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