Director, Producer, Artist

Cady released her book, Murdering My Youth on Amazon in April of 2014.  Since then it has received 88 FIVE STAR REVIEWS.

“…a story of emotional survival that is raw, wild and shocking, yet also dazzlingly funny.”  ~Michael Logan, TV Guide

“…a powerful text and critique of a dangerous society… an amazing story of survival and—in spite of it all—unconditional love.”  ~Shannon Houston, Paste Magazine

“I was riveted and heartbroken.” Michael Fairman, “On-Air On Soaps”

“…her book is unique because of the degree to which it illuminates the whole by coming to an understanding of a small part. She doesn’t set out to preach or globalize her individual experiences, but simply to tell her story.” ~Matt Rozsa, Policy Mic

Her 2006 blog for ABC, Confessions of a Mad Soap Star was an enormous success, realizing over 2 million hits.  Her candor and intimate writing style, as well as her unique sense of humor won her thousands of Internet fans who continue to read her personal blog posted regularly on her own web site.

Always interested in contributing to the wider conversation about topics ranging from women’s issues to national tragedies, she has written articles for The Good Men Project, HLNTV, Policymic, Ms Cheevious, AND Magazine and live blogged the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes. See excerpts and links to the articles below.

An early love of words found her expressing herself in poetry and lyrics for music. In March 2008, Cady self published her first book of three, Conversations with the Invisible, a compilation of poems and collages, which became a popular “staff pick” at and brought her to the attention of the poetry department at the University of Connecticut. Her second book, Licked: Poems of Love (sort of)  is also published by Blurb.  As a result, Cady was asked to share her work and process at the Litchfield County Writers Project as part of National Poetry Month in 2009.  Previous participants include Frank Delaney, Honor Moore, and Frank McCourt. Both books are available through Blurb or at the Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington, CT.

As a result of her poetry, Cady was asked to speak at The Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT on a panel discussing acceptance and rejection in the arts.  Later she shared her work at UCONN as part of the Litchfield Country Writers Project. 

Cady is also extremely proud of her work in her one-woman piece “Mona7,” which she wrote, produced, co-directed and acted in.  The thirty-minute multi-media performance deals with issues of abuse and identity through collaged video, surrealist word play, and viewpoints movement.

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