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Writing is Hard Work

Posted on: December 21, 2011

So I am writing a book.  Yes, I am.  Actually, it’s more truthful to say I wrote a book.  A whole book.  I submitted it to an agent, she liked it, we met, she asked to work with me, I said yes and now …  I am re-writing a book.  Ha ha!  That’s how it works!

I wrote about my life.  My “reel” life and my “real” life.  I am re-writing it because not only is there more to tell, but when I first wrote I did it in “third person,” which, just to remind you is like saying “HE said blah blah blah,” instead of writing “I said blah blah blah,” which (just for those who aren’t writers, the blah blah blah is for those who are) is called first person.  The difference is astounding.

Using third person was a great way for me to slip into talking about really difficult issues without feeling too exposed.  Life stories that have haunted me for a long time.  Regardless, it was very difficult.  I sat in my pajamas and sweat it out over the course of a year.  It was painful, exhausting, frustrating and relentless.  It took me months after I finished the first draft to decide to write the book again in first person.  Why?  It’s exposing.  It’s raw.  There is nowhere to hide.  Why not hide?

Because I am a natural truth teller.  Because I think that honesty is liberating for both the teller and the listener.  Because these stories are true.

Wish me luck, will ya?  I’m hanging in there but it’s hard.  I really want to finish this book and share it with you.  I’ve been told it’s good.  I’ve been told it’s worth it.

So I’m going to keep going, keep writing and sharing here about the process, so check in now and again for updates!  It’s intense!

Thank you to Charles M. Shultz for not minding if I use this adorable photo of Snoopy and Woodstock.  They give me cheer.  Check out the “Ask Snoopy” game or Jean Shultz’s blog to support the genius who created them.

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